Video: Eric Holder Tells Audience: We Must “Brainwash” Against Guns

Then U.S. Attorney Eric Holder tells 1995 National Woman’s Democratic Club that “brainwashing” is necessary in a new advocacy campaign on guns.

From Breitbart,

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2 comments to Video: Eric Holder Tells Audience: We Must “Brainwash” Against Guns

  • Jerome Borden

    Interesting. Now, where was Eric Holder during some other events? Such as the abduction of Elien Gonzales, Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc. Also, has anyone documented his involvement with the spate of Clinton Administration pardons near the end of his second term? We already know he committed perjury related to Fast and Furious. Time to bring him back to Congress, under oath.

  • Bloodless Coup

    Why is the Obama Administration abolishing due process?