Video: Obama Executive Order A Prelude To Martial Law And Suspension Of Elections?

Obama issued an Executive Order March 16, 2012 under the guise of ‘National Defense,’ which gives Obama and his Cabinet virtually complete control over the American people, private sector, and economy in the event of a peacetime ‘National Emergency’—in plain English, Obama has just unilaterally voted himself the power to institute martial law. Some see this as a way to use a future widespread American ‘Arab Spring’ type of ‘protest’ (we’d call it mass rioting) from Obama’s Occupy and union goon supporters as an excuse to suspend elections in November, given Obama’s free falling poll numbers, indicating it is unlikely he will be reelected.

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2 comments to Video: Obama Executive Order A Prelude To Martial Law And Suspension Of Elections?

  • Carol

    Obama is truly offensive beyond imagination. The GOP has also had so many oportunities to reverse so many really bad moves congress has made and where were they on it? To me by now they seem to be actually working together. They play good cop bad cop. I dont see many left I would trust. Why else would the left be taking one hill at a time to our destruction for years. Why on earth would we have to ask the UN for anything? Boehner yells and gripes , then weeps and gives in and in the end, defends the democrats.

  • Wayne Topping

    Who the hell does this pompus ass (Sec. Panetta) think he is? Where does he think he's living? America is not a third world country, they bow to NO ONE.
    Our constitution is the finest God inspired document ever written. It was written for a moral and religious people. Very few inside the beltway came claim that they uphold the Constitution which they were sworn to uphold. Those people need to ship out!