Forgerygate: Media Threatened With Federal Investigations If Obama Birth Certificate Story Reported

570 1024x682 Forgerygate: Media Threatened With Federal Investigations If Obama Birth Certificate Story Reported

Individuals and member organizations of the American media were threatened with FTC and FCC investigation if information gathered by Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse concerning the forgery of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate were passed on to the American public.

It was Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo who made this stunning revelation, stating “During our investigation, we actually were told [that media] had been threatened with FTC investigations. Commentators [had been] threatened with their jobs.”

And Jerome Corsi, author of “Where’s the birth certificate,” the book whose imminent publication was responsible for forcing Barack Obama to quickly create and place the fraudulent long form birth certificate on the White House web site, has said that “Testimony is being developed that the White House is intimidating, in a systematic way, the mainstream media and if any broadcasters dare go into this birther story, they’re going to risk FCC investigations… people are going to have careers ruined… thrown off the air.”

Zullo went on to say the threats actually caused some individuals to “…quit their positions over safety concerns for their families.”

Those who tuned in to the web-cast of the Cold Case Posse report will recall that the scant few media members in attendance made it their business to represent the President rather than report on the information presented about the fraudulent birth certificate. Each “reporter” in his turn questioned the motives of Sheriff Arpaio and the political leanings of Mike Zullo, clearly far more interested in developing a tale of “right-wing conspiracy” than in the facts reported by Posse investigators.

And as only the internet would make the American people aware of what is arguably the most extraordinary crime committed against the American public in the past century, Zullo and Corsi teamed up to create an e-book which would make known all of the pertinent facts and findings of the investigation–facts which had of course been blacked out by the legacy media.

Naturally, the writing of the e-book has led to accusations of profiteering by Zullo and Corsi. In fact an AP article accuses the pair of using the Arpaio investigation “…as a promotional tool to sell [their] books and theories.” And although nowhere in the short article does the author present any of the facts supporting the claims of the Arpaio-led group, the AP hack does offer an Obama spokesman ample opportunity to ridicule the Posse’s work by comparing it to “the TV series ‘The X-Files.”

The entire episode of media and White House corruption has been summed up by on-line newsman Jeff Crouere as he writes, “Such a bombshell should have led the national news coverage throughout the country. Instead, it was completely ignored by a corrupt network of media elites who are decidedly liberal and wholeheartedly support Obama’s re-election.” “The vast majority of the American people have been denied the truth by a media who want to shield Obama.”

And apparently those select few members of the media actually interested in reporting the truth were intimidated out of doing so by minions of the Manchurian Candidate.

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11 comments to Forgerygate: Media Threatened With Federal Investigations If Obama Birth Certificate Story Reported

  • Carol

    Does this surprise me NOT in the least I know they are not speaking about all this information because they are running scared sadly that is a fact.

    To me the NEWS now a days is a joke nothing more nothing less and sadly that is also a fact.

  • Does this mean the blog at will be investigated?

  • Templer

    Clearly proof Now that there is a domestic enemy in our country and the communist socialist has infiltrated the White House and America as we know it is on the brink of being destroyed from within. Where are the men and women of honor who took the oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC?.
    If I know Sheriff Arpairo this will only give him more resolve. THIS story will come out. So what if the FCC or the Media gets investigated,, what have they got to hide?

    • Templer

      My post offends the truth now? Is Expose Obama on the leftist payroll all of a sudden? What's the point, even our comments have been silenced. Now will have the change the communist in chief has brought us and idiots bought into it. It's unfolding and things will only get worse in less than 12 months. My prediction? There will be either NO election or if there is will be fraudulent and marshall law IS coming.Believe it. Prepare for it.
      Fellow Americans, we are in the making of history, a refacing of our eloustrious country. Freedom soon stymied, Islam the common, Christianity pase', Truth surpressed, soon we not even recognize our country and communism will prevail. Politicians, movie actors, treasonist media, will improve their life while we embrace the "New World" with blood, toil, imprisionment, hunger, and loss of our dear freedom and country. RIP America. We no longer have politicians both men and women of honor who once took the oath to obey and defend our Constitution against all enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC.

  • Bloodless Coup

    It would be nice if this article contained some specifics. For example, it does not tell us exactly who was threatened, and who threatened them. Without that information it's not likely that this story will be taken seriously. If those people came together and went public them the Government and the employers would knock it off quick because they would be exposed to public scrutiny.

  • raccman

    IF we don't get the info out to the public about FORGERY GATE Obama and his fellow Marxists will win the election and finish their plans to destroy our Democratic Republic !

  • Templer

    I'm certain there were more than 5 posts. I myself posted 2! Now even this site has suppressed our opinions and views. What do you want us to say, tell us and we'll comply. We wouldn't want to offend obama with truth. Did I say bad words? NO, did I reflect bad manners? NO! So what's the problems mentor? I'll say it again
    Obama is suceeding in destroying our country from within and so what if the FCC investigates it should give us all the more reason to get the truth out.

    • Templer

      I see my 3rd post has been kept from Americans interested in reading opinions. Tell us mentor midget what are the buzz words that makes you deleate my posts yet you keep the most boring, pointless comments? Perhaps you might rewrite your conditions and say, no offending traitors, muslims, liars, the fruad in chief, this corrupt administration.

  • Templer

    With this evidence found by law enforcement and unbiased, qualified investigators. Obama is a traitor to America, to the oath and to the office and American people. The fact that this administration is willing to threaten over the truth speaks volumes of the corruption, fraud and suppressing the truth. Now Obama himself said the only one who hides the truth has something to hide. I do believe there will be a marshall law, food rationing, gas rationing, loss of liberties including the 1st & 2nd ammendment. We are being destroyed from within with this domestic enemy of our nation. By his own admission Obama is giving us a change alright. This want a be dictor, Islamo-communist-socialist is deliberately bankrupting our country, making Americans dependent on food stamps, free money, entitlements he thinks will buy votes. Why would we except communism when it's proven communism doesn't work? Why? Because Obama wants to be a Chaves, a dictator and live off the backs of Americans. Prepare, things are going to get tough. Sheriff Arpiao please don't succum to threats you must be right on and a threat to the traitor in chief.

  • Bloodless Coup

    My post have also been disappearing from the comments section.

  • Templer

    There should be dozens if not hundreds of responses to this topic and there indeed has been I'm sure. Suddenly the site seems to fear and now holds back on the responses? What's that about? So now what? New rules? Define them. This story is to big to surpress. Our country is in danger of a domestic enemy now and the truth has to and is coming to light. If you want to continue with credibility you need to abide by your own rules. Nobody cursed or used bad language. Allow our 1st ammendment please. Delete further posts of mine and I see no further point subscribing to or reading or even wasting my time writing valid comments. You have my email, so be so kind as to enlighten me of what's changed that my posts are now being deleted.
    American patriot