Newt’s Drive To The White House (On $2.50 Gas?)

Newt Gingrich speech SC Newt’s drive to the White House (On $2.50 Gas?)

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore Creative Commons

It is now more obvious than ever that Newt Gingrich should stay in this race. If for no other reason, he needs to do so to keep repeating his questions and answers on fuel.

Over the coming months, he needs to get others to repeat and spread the truth about our oil capacities, and this is the way to do it. Keeping the debate going will spotlight the current debacle that is the Administration’s oil policy, the effects of Obama’s unemployment rates, and the rest of the economic questions that plague us because of Obama, front and center in the MSM and the people’s minds.

Newt need not do anything else. He could get elected on this one issue.

The more he repeats the facts and points out the beneficial ripple effect of  unleashing America’s energy industry (and the jobs it would create), the more he diminishes Obama. This means that Obama will have to go out of his way to once again mis-direct the American people with lies and distortions.

The White House cannot let Gingrich convince America of the facts. Obama must attempt to “Alinsky” Gingrich; he must mock him and isolate him. In doing so, he brings attention to his own failure, and the fact is that telling half the truth to the American people isn’t going to make it in today’s world.

Gingrich has his hand on an issue that every American is feeling and every American wants addressed. Obama’s lies aren’t going to hold up to scrutiny in the face of Gingrich and Sarah Palin, keeping his failure and the true solution in the news every day.

Gingrich need not pay any attention to slights from other candidates. He should help spread their ideas when they agree, but he needs to keep himself as the face of the Energy debate. The facts are on his side and far more relevant to the American people than a morally bereft, pseudo-Catholic, liberal activist’s entitlement to our money for her sex life; who makes more money than whom; or what religion anyone is.

People may have reasons for disliking Gingrich. Hell, read some of my past stuff. But even with all the things he has done to make me turn away, he still can bring me back speaking the plain truth on an issue so important, where the facts are undeniable, and show that current administration policies have caused the problem for which they claim to so desperately be seeking a solution.

We all know gas prices are going to keep going up over the next few months…who is going to get the most attention? Health care and the Supreme Court are coming up, but no one is feeling that in their pockets a couple of times a week.

Newt should fill his tank and set his cruise control on “GAS POLICY.” Whether he is the eventual nominee or not, his keeping the attention focused on that one issue is enough to throw Obama off his billion dollar script of anti-GOP lies as well as forcing the eventual nominee into addressing his point of view on the issue in return for his support.


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