Will Obama Help California Prove That Socialism Doesn’t Work?

California Will Obama help California prove that socialism doesn’t work?

Among the many growing problems Barack Obama is facing as he tries to fool enough people into voting for him is the one coming from that weird place on the left side of the country called California.

Once a beautiful state filled with sunshine and the promise of a better life, California has been turned into a socialist gulag by Democrats who have infected her state government from top to bottom.  Now it is the model for Obama’s socialist dream for all of America.

Because Democrats do what Democrats will always do when handed full control of a state, California is sagging under the weight of union contracts that provide up to 90% of base pay for retirees and a flood of both peaceful and criminal illegal aliens who are draining away the last few dollars the Golden State has.

With each month, California’s tax revenue shortfall grows exponentially, and therein lays a looming problem for Obama and his Democrat henchmen.

Since tax paying Californians are fleeing in larger and larger numbers BY THE MONTH, the formally wealthy California will very soon HAVE to come to Obama with its sombrero in its hand begging for a bailout.

This request will be a lose – lose for Obama. If he watches California slowly twist in the wind until she lifelessly falls to the ground, he will further damage our national economy and scare the life out of greedy Democrats everywhere else. If he tries to bail out California, he will be stopped by a Republican Congress. That will force him to once again violate the Constitution with yet another Executive Order proving all of the charges of fiat government against him. Either way, he loses because it will prove that socialism doesn’t work.

The question is not whether California will need a bailout – its revenue shortfall doubled from $535 million to $1.2 billion in just a single MONTH- the question is whether or not California Democrats can play “make-believe” until after Election Day to hide the truth.

The smart move for Republicans is to hand the Democrats a shovel and watch as they dig their own graves. Pass me the popcorn, please.

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