Video: Obama Who’s Your Daddy?

In this funny video, Ralph Harrison performs his original composition, Obama Who’s Your Daddy. Enjoy; we need the occasional laugh in a country so misgoverned. Ralph is a regular reader here at and shared his song with us. We dug into the archives and found some video and photos to go along.

On a serious note, Obama uses mockery to torment those of us that are Christians and conservatives. Don’t you think it is fair to give him a little of his own medicine? Please share this video. Even if you never usually share videos with your friends, please consider sharing this video via email, Facebook or even in person.

Thanks for many of the pictures from our friends at TerrellAfterMath.

Here’s one of the pictures we used:

lincoln bedroom picture 300x208 Obama Whos Your Daddy?

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4 comments to Video: Obama Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Carol

    This truely made my day and I hope with all of heart that is correct but the GOP seems to falling apart but I would rather vote for one of those then have this horrible man back into Our White House anyday.

    • cactusbob

      I agree, Carol. The GOP is fighting the need to cast off the old practices like spending money we don't have. It is so true that either Obama or the Republican nominee will be the next president. This is a true/false question, not multiple choice. A write-in or 3rd party vote is the equivalent of a vote for Obama, so don't let your principles get in the way of common sense this November. If we can't oust him before November, we need all non-ObamaVoters to vote for the gOP nominee, whoever it is.

  • Keith

    This video nailed our so called LEADER perfectly. This bs that he calls running the government stinks like hot shit on a hot tin roof.

  • When Castro came to NYC Obama's mother went there and had a one night stand with Malcom X. To avoid a scandal
    the elder Obama was paid to have his name on the B.C. as the father. Obama's mother was very bright but had the morals of an alley cat. Her daughter, BHO's 1/2 sister said her mother was not an atheist but was an agnostic.