Video: Corzine: I Don’t KNOW, KNOW, KNOW

Jon Corzine should go to jail. He stole customer money and then when to Congress and lied about his actions. Now that emails show he directed his subordinates to take the money and pay a 175 million dollar overdraft at JP Morgan, he should be prosecuted. He likely will get off because he has his buddy Obama.

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1 comment to Video: Corzine: I Don’t KNOW, KNOW, KNOW

  • Trish

    This guy should be charged with felony perjury and felony obstruction of justice for lying to Congress. They need to use this guy as an example. They need to come down hard on him to send a strong message to all the other corrupt politicians and Captains of industry. The American people are fed up with this crap. There's no excuse. If this Committee lets this ride, then every member of this Committee needs to get the boot for they will have become part of the problem, not part of the solution.