Video: Sheriff Joe On Obama’s Forged Identity Records

Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks out about the importance of local laws and local officials vetting candidates for office. This is worth watching. Sheriff Joe is doing more to help correct the course of the nation than all the Republicans in DC combined.

To watch the press conference at which this law was introduced click here:

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7 comments to Video: Sheriff Joe On Obama’s Forged Identity Records

  • Guest

    I love this guy. He draws Conservative flies like shit on a sidewalk.

    • Danielle

      I guess you want a Foreign National for US President. Another genius!

    • Earl

      Well, the conservative flies seem to be following the shit to the gov. and it ain't a pretty site. They, the gov. are going to be shitting in their pants when this is all done.

      • Earl

        We need more men or women with the morals and integrity of Joe Arpaio. May God help him to complete his mission of finding the ones commiting fraud on our constitution and people. We the people will support Joe and give him the moral and financial support he needs to combat the corrupt in government. And don't tell me that the ones in government that are corrupt are not trying their best to silence Sheriff Arpaio. Full speed ahead Joe!!!!!

  • scruples

    At least someone out there has balls and trying to do the right thing for our country. Keep up the good work Joe.We already know how Obama feels about AZ. Obama must think the world is made up of illegals and welfarers.

  • Jack Fallon

    Congress and those in-the-know that Sheriff Joe totally correct and the evidence speaks for itself….!!! Obama is a Fraud/Liar he should be run out of the WH and charged with these felonies..!! But the politicians are AFRAID of the backlash from the Welfare Scammers Liars and Cheats..!! They are also afraid that there would be Race-Riots and the Obama supporters would go on the rampage…!!! The law is the law and should be enforced…NO matter what consequences might be….!! Keep up the good work Sheriff Joe….your the only one showing the truth….!!!

  • It's obvious that the power structure of Washington really don't give a shit about this story, that will not die, or is it they are just plain scared of it ?. We know that the Repbulicans like Boehner, Cantor, in the house, even McConnell & Session of the senate are terrified of obama & his minions. These cowards just keep getting elected time & time again.