Where Was The Outrage From The Liberal Media On This Other Interracial Murder Story?

Liberal Media SC Where Was The Outrage From The Liberal Media On This Other Interracial Murder Story?

Why can’t the phony media find any self-righteous outrage in this story?

Almost seventy years ago, then-20-year-old Bob Strait went off to war as a young man who wanted to protect his country. When he was sworn into the Army, he understood that he was being asked to risk his life for all Americans, not just those who looked like him.

Although he wouldn’t be comfortable being called one, Bob was a war hero. He was a member of the fearsome Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne – the tough guys – the real tough guys.

On Thanksgiving Day in 1946, Bob met the girl of his dreams. He was 25, and she was 20. Her name was Nancy, and her beauty and charm made him fall so deeply in love that after a month, he married her. That happy Thanksgiving Day brought about a marriage that produced six children and led to 18 grandchildren and nearly 50 great grandchildren.

Last December, when they celebrated their sixty fifth wedding anniversary, no one could have imagined what would happen to them. Just three months later, the nearly blind and totally helpless 85-year-old Nancy would be raped and murdered, and Bob’s attempts to save her would lead to a severe beating that has left him so damaged his family prays he doesn’t regain consciousness. This is because they don’t want to tell him what happened. Their life together came to a sudden end two weeks ago when a team of cowardly predators broke into their Tulsa Oklahoma home and savagely attacked them.

Why haven’t we heard about this from the news distorting American media? Why did we have to read about this atrocity in the London Daily Mail?

Unfortunately, the answer is glaringly obvious: The suspect the police have captured driving Bob’s car is a 20 year old black thug, and the Straits are white.

The proceeds of this push in robbery were a car, a television and $200 in cash. That’s what Nancy’s life and personal dignity were worth to these animals.

The Straits were so poor that their children have appealed to the public for help to pay the bills for Bob and retire the debts incurred from Nancy’s funeral.

Imagine how this story would have been handled had the Straits been black and the suspect was white? Why can’t the phony media find any self-righteous outrage in this story? They are not honest reporters but rather one big steno pool for Democrats, that’s why.

Photo credit: wstera2 (Creative Commons)

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4 comments to Where Was The Outrage From The Liberal Media On This Other Interracial Murder Story?

  • wildmann

    Blacks get FREE PASS ON EVERYTHING!!!!! I am a Retired Fl. Corrections Officer, 16+ yrs! Nothing about P/C surprises me.

  • scruples

    Another story of a 17 year old (Afro American) who was just sentenced to Life for the murder of two white English men that got lost, They wondered into a project in Sarasota Fl. and both were shot and killed in cold blood, Amazing how it just is a story and yet the scum ball that killed the young 17 year old in Orlando is National News. Some shit is surely lopsided. Is it the Afro American creating racism or caucasiuns.Its time for us to stop all this shit and all stand as American. Times getting shorter or were going to destroy ourselves.You know Obama, those white men could have been my sons ! Think AL
    SHARPTON WOULD STAND UP FOR ME !!!!! Oh I forgot I'm white,but I still served my country to protect all races.

  • Jim E of Sugar Land

    I'm so DAMN tired of the Mainstream Media being the COVER UP for ALL OF THE BLACK CRIMES that they do, but if one little white thing happens : here we go – WHITEY is out of control again, and let print 200 stories to HIDE all of OBAMA's Corruption, and sidetrack the American Public on HOW HE IS STEADY breaking the LAW!! Him and Holder must be impeached, they are too far out of control!!! If the Mainstream Media just reported all of the Laws that Obama's Regime has broken, they would IMPEACH HIM, real quick, but they would rather AMERICA just DIE a slow and steady death rather than save her!! So IMPEACH THEM BOTH!!! It's been a long time coming. AMERICA WANTS TO LIVE!!!

  • A. York

    I'm in deep mourning for The Late Great U.S. A. She is dead. She will be SADLY missed and lovingly remembered. But she is dead. Simply dead.

    Someone once said, "Treason never prospers; what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Folks, we are not going under tyranny. Honest! We're already there! America, that once-grand and beautiful example of right and freedom, is dead. The corruption in D.C. is so deeply entrenched and so widespread that no single administration can fix it. And with the leadership at the top changing back and forth so much, about all that can get done by each is undoing what the former "opposition" did while in power.

    Jesus once said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." We have been culturally divided for decades, and now we're fallen. It's a done deal. UNLESS, we fall on our faces and seek God's face, and turn back to the righteous principles that made this nation great in the first place. But, alas! Everyone wants everyone else to do so, but aren't willing to do it themselves. Mark my words: it's truly and actually, Repent or Perish!