ForgeryGate: If You Know Something, Say Something – Sheriff Arpaio And Mike Zullo, You Know Something


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I was present at the press conference that took place at the Church on the Green in Sun City, Arizona on March 31, 2012 (that’s me with Sheriff Joe in the above picture).

Approximately 1200 were allowed to fill the room to capacity, and many had to be turned away. Signatures were collected from 1,092 people who were required to be Arizonians. That petition contains a request that the state legislature pass a resolution requiring the Chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to submit proof of Constitutional eligibility for Barack Hussein Obama as a condition to have his name placed on the ballot. By state law, the resolution would not require the signature of the state governor, Jan Brewer, so we were told. Well enough; and we pray that it will come to pass.

In the meantime, yesterday (Monday April 2nd), I read an e-mail from Orly Taitz, the untiring and relentless attorney representing challengers and plaintiffs questioning in court Obama’s eligibility, forgeries, frauds, and felonies. Although her efforts have no doubt given Obama, his regime, and the media that so much love and protect their Progressive son many restless days and nights, she has invariably run into thick fortress walls of corruption and moats teaming with ferocious unrepentant liars running interference from the damning facts of serious Obama crimes.

Let me summarize my take on her warning from my arms length position on the matter.

Orly Taitz is fighting Obama crimes in several court venues around the country as we speak. Any one of these cases if allowed to be honestly heard on the merits could, without a doubt, unseat the alleged usurper of the Presidency of the United States. Corrupt judges have prevented attorneys like Dr. Taitz from properly defending their cases on the merits.

Now, for the first time in over three years, a law enforcement agency has concluded that they have
overwhelming probable cause to believe that Obama’s birth certificate “file” posted on the White House website and the 1980 Selective Service application “file” are both cut-and-paste digitally manufactured forgeries and fraud. In other words, the evidence indicates that no legitimate paper birth certificate exists.

The law enforcement agency is Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Office of Maricopa County, Arizona and the taxpayer cost-free Cold Case Posse that conducted the investigation.

Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo, the lead investigator, have held two publicly open press conferences
where they revealed in detail the preliminary findings of the investigation. The press conferences can be viewed and downloaded from the Internet in full including all closing remarks from Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo.

It is not Sheriff Arpaio or Mike Zullo’s intention, as I see it, to unseat Barack Obama. Their role and their goal is to investigate crimes that citizens in the community alleged have taken place and committed by Barack Obama (and if there is probable cause to see that the crimes are prosecuted in the proper venue.)

Orly Taitz and other attorneys who now have active cases in court have asked Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo to testify, not about the ongoing aspects of their investigation, but simply to provide an affidavit and testify on the findings that they have already disclosed publicly in their two press conferences and interviews to the media. Both Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo said at their last press conference that they did not wish to provide affidavits or testify in court.

Orly Taitz makes convincing arguments why they should do so.

Basically, this is a summary of her points:

There is no time to proceed with a legislative approach (based on the preliminary findings) because not enough state legislators have indicated, as of this time, that they will support it; also, there is not enough time left before the election to win the majority support needed.

There is no indication that Governor Brewer would sign any bill that would cause the state to demand proof of eligibility.

It is highly unlikely that the DNC Chairwoman would submit proof of eligibility for Obama, and any legal action brought against her would be tied up in court until after the elections – too late.

The argument offered by Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo, that providing an affidavit or testifying in
court limited to the preliminary findings would compromise the ongoing investigation, is negated by the fact that the Sheriff and Mike Zullo have held two public press conferences with presentation of evidence on their preliminary findings. They do not believe this disclosure compromises the ongoing investigation.

Orly Taitz has offered the Sheriff and the chief investigator reimbursement for all travel and related
expenses so that testifying in court would cost neither them nor the taxpayers any money.

Taitz argues that testimony from the only law enforcement agency in the country that has investigated and concluded that there is probable cause to prosecute would deal a fatal blow to the corrupt obstruction of justice that Taitz and other attorneys have encountered to date. Taitz makes the argument that success with only one of the active legal actions would be capable of preventing Obama from fraudulently running for re-election and exposing serious Obama crimes that will potentially land him a prison.


Orly Taitz asks for three actions from citizens around the nation.

1. Contact Sheriff Arpaio’s office and ask that he provide an affidavit on the preliminary findings of
the Cold Case Posse and favorably respond to subpoena to testify in court.

2. Contribute funds to Orly Taitz so that she can reimburse Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo’s
expenses, and for legal expenses in general.

3. Citizen must as soon as possible file complaints with Attorneys-General, District Attorneys,
Sheriffs, and Grand Juries armed with the affidavit provided by Sheriff Arpaio, once he provides
that affidavit.

I do not speak for Orly Taitz or any other attorney with active cases, nor am I trained in the law. I highly admire Sheriff Arpaio, his deputies, and investigators. This is simply my take based on the warnings and recommendation that I received today from Orly Taitz in my inbox.

Best wishes,

Tony Dolz
Thousand Oaks, California

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8 comments to ForgeryGate: If You Know Something, Say Something – Sheriff Arpaio And Mike Zullo, You Know Something

  • ItsJo

    I keep hoping and praying for Sheriff Joe to disclose even More information about Obama's Hidden Past. Sheriff Joe may want to also look into Why Obama visited Russia in 2005….Perhaps he is MORE closely aligned with Putin than we were led to belive, until that is, when he got caught on the 'open mike', that he is now ridiculing(ala: Rules For Radicals- that teaches one to ridicule your enemies, as No One can fight ridiucle. Just think of the many times that Obama(who taught Alinsky's methods to Acorn, etc) has used this tactic of ridiculing people in America.

    Anyway Sheriff Joe-a look into the Obama trip to Russia in 2005 may give a few clues into his hidden past. Good Luck

    • Guest

      Yahoo! Sheriff Joe and Orly Taitz! It's like two garbage trucks hitting each other head-on!

      Hey It'sJo: this is me ridiculing you. You've earned it.

      • Mountain Man

        And I suppose you don't believe you have earned ridicule by believing the series of falsehoods (I could say lies) issuing from the obamanation and the continual hiding of the facts. hussain is in good company as a narcissistic megalomaniac–read your history of other 'leaders' with the same mental conditions.

        • Guest

          Mountain Man, no doubt you can elaborate at admirable Right Wing Conspiracy Nutballl length on the series of falsehoods (I could say lies) issuing from the obamanation and the continual hiding of the facts. Please, by all means, spend the rest of your life in crazed spittle-flecked rage over the Kenyan Muslim Marxist. No one is listening. No one fears you.

          • Red 5

            Guest, I'll believe Obama when he releases his school records and other info. Untill then, he doesn't get my vote.
            Please exlain why Obama will not release his records. It seems you trust someone who will not release info that will clear him.

  • Bloodless Coup

    Illegal Alien Mass Voter Fraud Discovered In FL

  • Pam

    The Obama supporters only see what they want to see. They don't see the truth! Obama supporters are just sheep to slaughter! Obama is not a democrat as we know them from the past. Open your eyes people!
    You Go Joe! The truth will set you free!

  • Bloodless Coup

    Did You Know That Fox News Is Partly Owned By The Same Saudi Prince Who Helped To Finance Barack Obama's Education?

    Follow The Money