Obama: First I Lost Catholics, But I Had Other Groups, So I Didn’t Care

Obama Pamphlet Initiative SC Obama: First I lost Catholics, but I had other groups, so I didn’t care

We’ve heard the words of German Pastor Niemoller, who lamented that he stood by and did nothing as the Nazis murdered people by category.

Niemoller said, “First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew,” and so on.

For the past three years, Barack Obama could be paraphrasing Niemoller. Obama might have said, “First I attacked Christians, especially Catholics, trying to force them to violate their religious beliefs. When I lost them as supporters, I didn’t care because I had lots of other supporters.”

He could have said, “I attacked oil producers with Cap and Trade, and my support fell. Since I had other groups to vote for me, I didn’t care.”

When he lied and cheated to pass Obamacare, people rose up and forced the Democrats to give up control of Congress. Obama was saying, “Sure, I’ve lost some supporters because of these underhanded tricks, but so what?  I’ve got plenty of supporters who love socialized healthcare.”

Further along, he said, “When I insulted Israel and lost some Jewish support, I thought, ‘no problem.’ I still have lots of other supporters.”

When it came to gun owners, gaffe machine Joe Biden grabbed the stage and “hinted” that re-electing Democrats to rule our lives would lead to ‘debates’ over the Second Amendment. Obama and Biden still don’t care because they believe they have other supporters to make up for those they lose by attacking our Second Amendment rights.

Now Obama is trying to make fools of blue collar union members who lost work because he won’t approve the Keystone pipeline, and he has shut down coal operations (which will lose him West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. But he’s not worried because he has other supporters and doesn’t need these states to win – the media tells him so.

He has alienated every voting bloc except the Hispanics (enthusiasm for voting among blacks has dropped 30 points since this time in 2008). Now that he is siding with a thug over a legally armed Hispanic home owner, maybe that support will dry up as well.

When the realization that “now there is no one left to support me” hits Obama, he can think about Niemoller’s warning. On Election Night, we’ll hear him moan, “I attacked major voting blocs for three years, then it came to Election Day, and there was no one left to vote for me.”

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4 comments to Obama: First I Lost Catholics, But I Had Other Groups, So I Didn’t Care

  • willowa

    We can only hope his final statement is correct!!

  • bonjh

    He still has the dead, the illegals and the prison inmates who can vote multiple times. And the vote counters who can't seem to read any name but obama. Then there is his "ace in the hole", "Martial Law".

    • hadn't read your post prior to commenting myself, seems i plagerized a bit but didn't realize it til later. had forgotten about those other KEY voting blocks he'll always have

  • so how does a wannabe DICKtator hold power after losing support among most of his 0bots. martial law anyone?