Video: Sheriff Joe: Republican Candidates Hiding From Obama’s Felony Document Fraud

Sheriff Joe Arpaio tells WABC’s Aaron Klein about the media blackout of Forgergate. This is a must listen to interview.

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2 comments to Video: Sheriff Joe: Republican Candidates Hiding From Obama’s Felony Document Fraud

  • Charles Douglas

    I would like to draw some attention to be circulated to spread information I have read from book by Victor Thorn, a staff member of THE AMERICAN FREE PRESS, weekly "Print" (circulated by USPS) and "Digital" corculated by INTERNET.
    Thorn states that an African/American U.S. citizen with the surname, DAVIS (now deceased) is the biological father of the alleged U.S. President who he regards as "his mentor". It would be interesting to perform a DNA comparison that could prove the late Obama, senior, is NOT his biological fatherr. If proven true, the stated opinion of the late Obama's mother that she attended the birth of the alleged president in Kenya becomes important even though she is no "blood" relative of the alleged President. Assuming the president might have only one passport, does it state he is a citizen of Indonesia or U.S.?

  • Robert Berry

    Documents show Congress knew years ago Obama was NOT able legally to be a Senator let alone President…WHY IN THE HELL HAS THIS BEEN IGNORED?Why hasen't Obama been Impeached?…The American people are NOT under any obligation to obey Obama or any law he has shoved down our throats…

    Ignore Obama the way he has ignored the law, the Constitution, his oath of office, and the American people…

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