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The late Andrew Breitbart warned Obama at his last speech at CPAC this past February that his team were ready to vet him.  Unlike the 2008 election, where any digging into Obama’s radical past was anathema to the political class, conservatives this year understand the dangers of allowing this man to have a second term in office.  It started with the video showing a young Barack Obama telling his fellow student body members at Harvard Law School to “open up  your hearts and minds to the words of Prof. Derrick Bell.”   Well, Derrick Bell was a man who lived to “harass white people.”   He is the author of Critical Race Theory, which states that America is irrevocably racist and that its laws are biased towards people of color. He also penned an equally absurd short story called Space Traders in which blacks are sold to aliens in return for resources to reduce the national debt.   No wonder why Obama mentor, Prof. Charles Olgetree, wanted to hide any information about this man during the 2008 election.

However, Obama’s affiliation with the radical left in American academia doesn’t stop with Prof. Derrick Bell.  Apparently, his favorite class in college was a political science course taught by Roger Boesche when he attended Occidental College.  It was this class that sparked his interest in politics.  However, a column in the LA Times written by Boesche that was released after the O.J Simpson murder case revealed a disturbing narrative this professor had concerning the issue of race.   He stated that a caller on a radio show semi-jokingly stated that whites should riot after the not guilty verdict was released.  Boesche claims that whites already riot in a silent and devastating manner.

They [whites] riot by eliminating affirmative action so that jobs and education will be more readily available to whites; by voting to deny services like education and health care to illegal immigrants; by declaring English as the official language and attacking bilingual education; by leaving 38 million people in poverty–30.6% of all African Americans and 30.7% of all Latinos.

Some on the left would say insightful, incisive, and provocative things which demonstrate the ills of American society.  All I see  is far-left drivel. This was the man who got our president into politics?  For Obama, who painfully tries to paint himself as a centrist, these associations with some of the most boisterous figures on the far left doesn’t help his narrative.  First, we got Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his “goddamning” of America in 2008.  He recently attacked conservatives and Justice Clarence Thomas for  worshipping “another god” this past Easter, which is a “very ecumenical” statement coming from a pastor.  We then learn about his respect for Derrick Bell and his theories about racism’s ingrained character in America’s socioeconomic fabric.  Now, we have Professor Roger Boesche, who claims that whites act in a concerted effort to keep blacks poor and desperate.  I never knew my entire family (I’m adopted) was involved in this terrible conspiracy.

This gives insight into why President Obama has gone down this path of class warfare.  It’s why he’s waging a nonsensical crusade of self-martydom by advocating the economically inefficient “Buffett Rule.” You can see it with his pushing of ObamaCare through Congress, which grants arbitrary powers to the government and is one step closer to the hyper-regulatory progressive state the far left craves. Is Obama’s (and that of the political left) new fascination with equalizing outcome, (sacrificing our liberties in the process, peddling this doctrine of dependency, and disguised as “fairness”) somehow related to Obama’s dabbling in far left politics?

How else can you explain his penchant for supporting intrusive government programs, even if they are detrimental to the economy.  I think there are areas that need further investigation, but one thing is crystal clear. No conservative could have survived the attacks from the Democrat Media Complex if he/she was associated with a litany far right academics, politicians, or philosophers. George W. Bush could never have survived the 2000 primaries if he fraternized with members the radical right. He would have been eaten alive.  Only in America could someone rise to the highest office in the country and be protected from past fraternizations with extremist individuals due to the media’s hesitancy to scrutinize the nation’s first black president. Race shouldn’t be a caveat in exposing the truth.

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  • jimtibbs

    Communism is more alive and well in this country than people want to believe. I think it is more democratic than republican, take the democratic black caucas for example. And yes, there are several republican polititions that need scrutinizing.