Video: Allen West: I Don’t Regret Whatsoever My Comments About Progressives Being Communists

Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., is not backing down from calling members of the Democrats’ Congressional Progressive Caucus “communists” at a recent fundraiser. The congressman told Red Alert Politics on April 17, 2012 that he stands by his comments.

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3 comments to Video: Allen West: I Don’t Regret Whatsoever My Comments About Progressives Being Communists

  • Annie66

    There is not a reason on the face of the earth for West to regret his comments about these Liberals because these clowns are Communists. It is high time some of these Republicans 1) either recognized what they saw or 2) were not too gutless to name the enemy. I was especially happy when he invited them to leave the United States because this nation would be much better off if they all vacated our nation. God bless you, Mr. West! Please keep up the good work.

  • jaspercounty

    Had a first glimpse of what West is while watching the video clip of him addressing a crowd. That is the first time in my life that I donated to a public figure and I have since donated many times since. He's right on the button. God bless you Mr. West.

  • Mario

    "God Bless" Rep. Allen West!!! I "TOTALLY" agree with what "Allen West" said about all "Progressives," including our own President Barack "Hussein" Obama and his Administration, that they are all a bunch of evil, "treasonous" and tyrannical "Marxists!!!!!" Every word that "Allen West" spoke of in the "Video" (Calling all U.S. "Progressives" — COMMUNISTS!!) is the gospel truth, and "Factual-Reality!!!" The "Marxist" President Barack "Hussein" Obama is "hell-bent" on fulfilling his "life-long" dream & ambition of fundamentally transforming this "great" country of ours (U.S.A.) into a Third-World "Marxist" police state. May "God" help us all. I wish and "pray" that Rep. Allen West was our "U.S. President" and/or, at the very least, our "Vice-President!!!!!" "Allen West" is EXACTLY" what America needs in order for us Americans to take back our "beloved" country (U.S.A.) from the vile, evil, treasonous & tyrannical clutches of the "Marxists & Anarchists!!!!!" To everyone out there, please please watch this very "awesome & powerful" Video where Allen West "vehemently" stresses that all U.S. "Progressives" are "COMMUNISTS!!!" He is "RIGHT," and speaks the "GOSPEL-TRUTH!!!" AMERICA WAKE-UP, before it's too late, and the "Marxists & Anarchists" (i.e., Barack Obama, his Administration, and all "Progressives") take-over America, completely "destroy" her and transform her into a Third World "Marxist" Police State!!! Please "pray" for America!!! Thank you "very much," and God Bless….