Video: Feigned Ignorance Of Fast And Furious In The Obama Administration

The third installment of the Obama Files video series on the U.S. Government’s so-called “botched” gun-running scandal. We give an introduction to the role Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and the ATF played in the perfidious plan to disarm America. Based on the recently published groundbreaking book that may blow the cover off of the Obama Administration: Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Shameless Cover-up by Katie Pavlich.

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2 comments to Video: Feigned Ignorance Of Fast And Furious In The Obama Administration

  • Ken

    Impeach this living vile marxist scum!

    • Watching/waiting

      He isn't a legal president, so impeachment is not the answer
      but an arrest and sent to federal prison to await trial, for treason,
      plus all his other corrupt and illegal acts, is the answer.

      I am not a man nor am I young, but if I were in great health,
      and had energy and stamina, I would be into any revolt that
      is organized by someone who has experience in these
      matters, such as a retired military general who has the
      guts and wherewithal to carry on a civil revolution.

      This has to be done before Obama puts his goons out in
      the streets in martial law. Before they have the orders to
      shoot to kill… would he do that? You bet your life he would.

      He is the epitome of evil. Does he know that he is evil?
      Yep.. he has been groomed for such a time as this.

      And if a million Americans who are Obots, (guessing the
      number of them, as who can really say? ) don't see the
      evil he is wreaking upon America as fast as he can,
      then they will be the first to start whining when they
      cannot buy nor sell without his RFID chip. There will
      be no 'favorites' when that day comes.

      Obots will be just as vulnerable as the rest of Americans.

      It's funny how other countries know the score,
      but Americans like that, do not know there is even a game
      going on.