Video: ForgeryGate: Attorney Says “Discovery Is Underway” In Florida Obama Ballot Access Challenge

Attorney Larry Klayman is a patriot in trying to get to the bottom of the Obama eligibility issue in Florida. We all should pray for his safety and hope he doesn’t die of a heart attack (like certain other people trying to get to the bottom of who Obama really is.)

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6 comments to Video: ForgeryGate: Attorney Says “Discovery Is Underway” In Florida Obama Ballot Access Challenge

  • upaces88

    I KNOW this must go on until completion.
    My fear is….nothing will come of it.
    He has no intentions of Leaving OUR WH.

  • Tatersalad

    CONFIRMED: Bill Ayers, unrepentant terrorist DID write the Barack Obama Autobiography. Why did The President always tell us that Bill Ayers was "just a passing friend in the neighborhood"? It is now obvious that Barack lied to the American people …….again!

    • upaces88

      You're right; however, allow me to add to your statement. This was an elaborate plan by the Saudi(s) to take over using Obama to do it. They paid for him to have an education at Harvard (even though he seldom attended classes). In payment…they gave Harvard enough $ to build an entire wing.

  • healeysurf

    I fear that god is dealing with his peoples failures to obey his commandments.It's not america that we should be concerned about first,but the repentince of the church,and then we will succeed in our battle to bing our government back to where it should be.

    • upaces88

      Healey…I hope I can soothe your fears. It isn't G-d that is angry with us. WE did NOT vote Obama in. He won through being, downright evil. G-d allows things to happen…he didn't MAKE IT HAPPEN… no more than the German people wanted the end result of Hitler. The German people were fooled by a very evil man — as many were fooled by Obama. Think about it…and IF you need the video(s), I will be more than happy to provide them…of Blacks now standing up against THE man they thought was wonderful only to betray them, and of all things HIS blatant racism against whites.
      G-d cannot reach down to help us…however, when we pray, he will answer; and more than likely, his answer will come in the form of those wearing Military Uniforms.

  • EyesOpen007

    Don't get your hopes up folks. Larry Klayman is the guy that promised folks that contributed to Judicial Watch that he was going to put Bill and Hillary in jail. Of course that never happened, and neither will he do anything to get Obama removed from the WH. He's all talk, but no action. He just wants folks to continue to send him money.