Video: Issa: Obama Admin Proving To Be “Most Corrupt In History”

Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, discusses allegations of bribery in Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s Mexican subsidiary. Issa, speaking on Bloomberg Television’s “InBusiness With Margaret Brennan,” also talks about a probe into the General Services Administration’s spending at a Las Vegas conference and the prostitution scandal allegedly involving Secret Service agents.

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1 comment to Video: Issa: Obama Admin Proving To Be “Most Corrupt In History”

  • ItsJo

    Yes, Rep.Issa, the Obama Regime IS the MOST CROOKED in our history. So, what are YOU and the Congress going to do about all this corruption? This man should be held on chargesof Treason, for the various things he has done to undermine our Constitution, Our Congress, and the American People that he took and oath to protect "from enemies both foreign and domestic". HIS 'hot mic' remarks amounts to telling him, "to tell Putin that he WILL DELIVER on his promise to 'undermine America's missle defenses, etc. Count? It should, as he
    will 'pull out ALL the stops if he gets in(illegally for sure, by cheating on another election) and finish off our nation.

    Rep.Issa, there are many in America that ARE counting on you to get to the bottom of this corruption, even though they are throwing boulders in you path. "Fast and Furious" was to remove American's protection, as Obama and Holder came up with this PLOY, but managed to get two of our own agents murdered by the guns they allowed to go to Mexico and the Criminals. We have had ENOUGH of Chicago Corruption at the Whitehouse, As Obama annoints himself "Dictator/King"