Today’s New Secret Service/El Salvador Strip Club Revelations Show Why Obama Picked Napolitano

It was easy to see this coming. When the news about Secret Service agents hooking up with prostitutes in Colombia first broke, we were told that there were 11 men (some reports had it at 12) being investigated. Immediately, we heard six were kicked out and  five “still under investigation.”  In this case, “under investigation” meant being squeezed to see if they would break and roll on their partners. Three decided to clam up and take whatever was coming instead of turning on their teammates. That left two.

Any good cop knows why those two weren’t immediately fired. They handed up other agents from other operations. The investigators already had the other Colombia Lotharios, so they demanded new names as part of the deal.

Now it looks like they got some new names.

“Now let’s talk about El Salvador”

A television reporter from Seattle has discovered that the Secret Service agents who formed the advanced security team for Barack Obama’s 2011 trip to El Salvador may have done the same things that the Colombia team did.

Reporter Chris Halsne of KIROTV traveled to El Salvador and talked to eyewitnesses about what went on during the lead-up to Obama’s official visit last year. Their revelations suggest a pattern of behavior that would be very helpful to anyone plotting to harm the president with information blackmailed out of these agents.

Halsne’s witnesses told of heavy drinking and repeated visits to a strip club with both Secret Service and US military personnel. As with the Colombia team, many of these agents took prostitutes back to their hotel rooms. This is a very serious violation of protocol because it provided the potential for a terrorist cell to access Obama’s official secret itinerary.

Worse still, one witness reports having warned the agents about the dangers of carrying on in such a manner and being told not to worry because “[we do] this all the time.”

To his credit, Halsne confirmed the report by interviewing the owner of the strip club who not only confirmed the story but added that he “ routinely takes care of high-ranking employees of the U.S. embassy in San Salvador as well as visiting FBI and DEA agents.”

The backdrop to all of this is an amazing response from Janet Napolitano, the hapless schnook who heads Homeland Security (the parent organization for our nation’s protective agencies). When she was asked about any other such incidents involving her personnel, with a presumably straight face, she said: “Over the past two and a half years the Secret Service office of professional responsibility has not received any such complaint.” Now we see what Obama saw in this slug. Keeping a straight face at a time like that is a real asset to anyone in Obama’s Administration.

Halsne claims to have the names of some of the agents involved in the El Salvador frolic. When they too are squeezed and roll, the rest of the names will pop up. This will get worse before it gets better.

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4 comments to Today’s New Secret Service/El Salvador Strip Club Revelations Show Why Obama Picked Napolitano

  • G-Man Crackpot

    The SS is the same agency that thinks George Gollin is an "expert." Now we are seeing why. No character, no morals, no common sense…just the kind of losers and degenerates who think an ass-scratching, armpit-sniffing nose-picking stalker has any credibility.

  • CAV44

    "Hapless Schnook and a Slug", I would be hard pressed to come up with a more accurate description of this piece of human excrement!

    • Carol

      I couldn't agree with you more if I tried she should have lost her job so long ago but she but she is a yes man no man and he loves that sad but true.

  • Carol

    Obama or what ever his name is had to have known this was going on and did NOTHING because he thought it would remain quiet but he never thought that a woman who just got her new job would even say a word so very wrong.

    I think Obama should lose his job as well because he is the commander in chief and all of this comes from the top down and his head should roll as well but that is the way I feel.