Does The EPA Have An Opening In Its Human Experiments Section?

EPA 2 SC Does the EPA have an opening in its Human Experiments Section?

This is a very serious and outrageous story. It brings on alternating waves of anger and embarrassment. The Environmental Protection Agency has used human beings, our fellow Americans, as experimental lab rats! Yes, they have purposely exposed people, our neighbors, to high levels of airborne “particulate matter – soot and dust known as PM2.5.

If it were not for the diligent work of, we would not have heard about this. Using a Freedom of Information Act application, has discovered what the EPA has done and has told us all about it. Naturally, the Democrat cheerleaders in the media covered this up.

The revelation about these Dr. Menegele-type experiments conducted under the supervision of EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson are chilling. In order to build a portfolio of evidence against coal fired energy plants that Obama can cite to shut them down, the EPA had 41 people breathe in dangerous soot to see if they would die.  During her September 2011 testimony that went unreported by the media, Jackson told the House Energy and Commerce Committee, “Particulate matter causes premature death. It doesn’t make you sick. It’s directly causal to dying sooner than you should.”  One of the unwitting volunteers has since developed heart problems, but since none have died, the experiment failed – yes failed.

The prevailing theory about the effects of inhaling this type of soot holds that the victims dies so quickly that he/she doesn’t even get “sick.”

When asked what benefit could be realized from letting people purposely be exposed to death by choking to death, Jackson said that cutting the introduction of these dangerous particulates into the air across the country would cut cancer deaths so dramatically that it would be the equivalent to curing cancer!

The EPA chose to report only the single case involving the onset of heart problems among the test group of 41 and in classic-Obama style merely “forgot” about the other 40 people.

We didn’t hear about this human guinea pig experiment; it failed to kill enough people, and the media decided we shouldn’t know about it. We know that the media are Democrat cheerleaders, but what is the excuse for the Republican House letting this go unreported? Joseph Menegele would feel right at home among today’s Democrats.

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