Video: Justice For Trayvon? Why We Also Should Be Crying, ‘Justice For Trentadue!’

Justice for Trayvon? What About Justice for Trentadue? Kenneth Michael Trentadue was murdered in federal prison in 1995 after being identified as the elusive John Doe #2, wanted in connection for the bombing of the the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building April 19, 1995. Of course, after it was determined that there was no John Doe #2 (even though this contradicted dozens of witness statements), the murder of Trentadue had to no longer exist either.

Who was the head of the cover-up that involved everyone from the DOJ down? You guessed it: our own Eric Holder. Holder didn’t have a fancy name like Fast and Furious to attach to the coverup, but Holder, tending towards the melodramatic, called the plan to keep the case out of the the public’s eye, courts, and especially Congress the ‘Trentadue Mission.’ One of his minions likened it to the invasion of Normandy. As if covering up a man’s murder wasn’t enough, they mocked his name on what and what not to do with the case as ‘Trentadue-does and Trentadon’ts’.

Eric Holder cut his teeth on the art of coverup in the Trentadue case. You wonder why, after almost a year and a half after U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered with weapons supplied by our own government, that not one person has been held responsible? Or that the public and Congress are still in the dark as to who was involved in this perfidious  so-called ‘botched’ gunrunning plan. It is because Eric Holder, the perfidious psychopath that never bothered to offer condolences to the Terry Family or even give them a straight answer, had a lot of practice in the art of coverup. Read the extensive article, ‘An Exposé on the Perfidy of Eric Holder,’ and watch the below video of the ‘suicide’ photos of Kenneth Michael Trentadue and see for yourself why the dead are strewn on every path Eric Holder treads. Warning: Graphic Images on video and article.

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