Video: Did Obama Borrow His New Campaign Slogan From The Nazis?

As Fox News once said, we report, you decide. Let us know what you think.

To see Obama’s new slogan, watch this campaign video titled, “Forward.

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11 comments to Video: Did Obama Borrow His New Campaign Slogan From The Nazis?

  • T. White

    To compare Obama in any way to Adolph Hitler and the Nazi movement is an insult.

    • CARLO


    • Patriot

      To Hitler, or someone else?

    • Robert Berry

      Why?…are you concerened it's an insult to Hitler?….Other than Obama is a bigger liar regarding his Communist intentions. … Hitler was clear on his intentions of who is was planning on destroying …Other than that …the movement is pretty close…..

    • Bob

      That's right….to Adolph Hitler and the Nazis.

  • carlo

    They do it on purpose and lie to the public ,they have the liberal on their side.

  • Patriot

    He is very fond of dictators and their Mannerisms; he poses like Mussolini, speaks like Hitler and Lenin, and probably wants to install order like Mao Tse Tung, at the point of a Gun; but I suspect he is too cowardly to do it himself. He will appoint some idiot flunky to carry out the Atrocity. wait a minute, did'nt he just appoint an Atrocity Czar? that women tat is fond of euthanasia.

  • Joanne S.

    His original slogan, "Change," was used by the dictator of Kenya.

    • Lyn R.

      I still think BO is using the communist garbage to cover for his muslim religion which is what he really wants for America. He is using all the socialist/communists in government to force his agenda but he is really putting many muslims in high government places plus giving billions to the muslim brotherhood, having them at the White House, and taking Egypt for the muslim brotherhood to take power.

    • Patriot

      That is his Cousin; I should say Rich cousin now, cousin Obi just sent him a lot of Money donated by us the taxpayers.

  • ConstIva2

    Again and again, authors and readers repeat the same: anything what is wrong and/or bad is compared with Nazis.
    This is a perfect proof of how powerful the latent Communism propaganda is.

    Why I say "latent"?
    Because instead of a constant, daily, hourly condemnation of Communism that murdered DOZENS OF MILLIONS of OWN people whose only "guilt" was their "wrong" class affiliation, we hear a constant, daily, hourly condemnation of Nazism that murdered SIX Million of mostly FOREIGN people whose only "guilt" was their "wrong" ethnic – Jewish – origin.

    Why am I telling this?
    Because a song "Forward, forward, comrades in struggle, to meet the dawn" (aka "Young Guard") was written in the USSR in 1922, pretty long before Hitlerjugend was established, and was for a long while an official "revolutionary anthem of the Soviet Youth."
    So, why The Expose Obama recalled Hitlerjugend's anthem and not the Lenin Youth (aka Komsomol – Young Communist League) anthem, which was created and spread internationally (including Germany) much earlier?

    I personally surmise that the widely spread media unwillingness to compare the evil with Soviet Sozis is caused by the fact that a disproportionately huge number of Bolshevik leaders on all levels, from the very top to the smallest units, were Jews.
    (One of them signed the order for an arrest of my then young uncle who was arrested and sent to Gulag in 1929 and was murdered over there only because he was an Orthodox priest.)

    As we all know, even after Communism collapsed in all European countries, Jews are still predominantly voting for most radical Lefties. So, no wonder that we hear about Holocaust tragedy a lot more than about horrors of Communism.