Video: The Obama Administration: Socialists, Narcissists, And Psychopaths


Like all evil in the world, it begins with a lie. A lie that a group of elites can set up a socialist utopia without guns. A lie that one group is smarter, wiser, morally superior to all others—narcissists, in other words. A lie that a group of elites create their own morality—psychopaths, we call them.

The lie that began this road of destruction and death was simply that the Mexican drug cartels get most of their weapons from American gun dealers. Ninety percent, to quote our Commander-in-Chief. Of course, this number was a fantasy. But fantasies can become realities with some creativity. Simply encourage American gun dealers to sell to drug cartel front men with the lie that the weapons would be tracked and intercepted. Then let them walk into Mexico. What’s a couple dead Americans and a few hundred Mexicans dead in order to achieve a socialist utopia without guns? For narcissists, socialists, and psychopaths—nothing.

The last in Obama Files’ ‘Tales from Fast and Furious’ video series.


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