Video: Did Obama Biographer David Maraniss Have Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate In 2008?

David Maraniss  shocked the world on May 2 with the revelation that he was about to publish a biography on Barack Obama that included extensive excerpts of letters and journals of previously unknown girlfriends Genevieve Cook and Alexandra (Alex) McNear. He gave a taste of his book, Barack Obama: The Story, in an extensive piece in Vanity Fair, where, among other excerpts, Genevieve Cook’s journal entries revealed the sexual persona of Obama in the 1980s.

What wasn’t clear, however, is why, when literally thousands of researchers have been trying to uncover Obama’s past, that these New York girlfriends have never been discovered before? But a more salient question is why did Obama reveal the names of these girlfriends exclusively to Maraniss? And even more pointedly, why did the past girlfriends provide exclusive access to their letters and journals again to Maraniss? Why couldn’t the journals and entries be published in their entirety, as this creates a further mystery into Obama’s past.

What the video above focuses on, however, is an odd statement that Maraniss made on C-SPAN in August of 2008 after writing an extensive biographical article about Obama in the Washington Post. He states, unequivocally, after being asked about the controversy surrounding Obama’s birthplace, that he was in possession of Obama’s birth certificate, to which at this point no one had been given physical possession of, even, which was allowed to photograph and examine it, but not keep. His statement also seems to indicate that the birth certificate he had in possession was the LONG-FORM birth certificate, which was not released until April 27, 2011, in that he intimates the birth certificate indicates that Kapiolani was the birth hospital, of which the short-form does not indicate.

Further, it is odd that an Internet search for these two previous girlfriends show that they were either both extremely private people, or, more perfidiously, information about them was scrubbed. Maraniss commits a blunder in the Vanity Fair article in revealing that Genevieve Cook taught at Brooklyn Friends School, which, with some extensive digging, Obama Files discovered embraces Leninist Communism. Cook, as we reveal, got her education at Swathmore College, known for radicals, and is home to none other than the far-Left Students for a Democratic Society.

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