How Soviet Immigrants Made Fools Out Of Communist Democrats

obama flag democrat How Soviet Immigrants Made Fools Out Of Communist Democrats

The day after Barack Obama’s election, a physical therapist from the old Soviet union, who came to Staten Island to live in freedom, got a call from her best friend (a fellow Soviet immigrant who lives in the Russian section of Brooklyn.) The caller got one word out before they both started to cry for three minutes. Then the caller speaking Russian said, “We came here to escape them. Where do we go now?” Both women knew the “Them” were Communists, and both saw Democrats as no different from Communists.

To those who don’t live in either the Brooklyn or Staten Island portions of New York City, Republican Bob Turner’s victory in a special election to fill Anthony Weiner’s vacant Congressional seat is a fluke caused by public disgust at Weiner’s antics. That explanation is foolishness supported by stunned Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media. It was a result of a big Russian immigrant turnout.

A year earlier in a Congressional district comprised of Staten Island and the Russian sections of Brooklyn, Republican Michael Grimm, a political newcomer, defeated a well- financed Democrat who had the endorsement of every union in the City.

This spring, another completely unknown Republican candidate won another special election against another well-known, well-financed, and widely-endorsed Democrat.

All three of these victories were delivered by immigrants from the old Soviet Union who hate communism and see America’s Democrats as new communist threats to the liberties they have come halfway around the world to enjoy.

Using voter registration to fool Democrats

The always-suspicious-of-government Soviets don’t universally register as Republicans. Many see registering Democrat as a way to keep in the good graces of the Democrat-controlled City Council. It doesn’t stop them from voting Republican, but it fools gullible Democrats (who cannot believe there is an immigrant group they can’t buy with a few extra services) into sending more and more goodies.

In 2008, they voted in landslide proportion for John McCain and will continue voting against the Democrats they recognize as their natural enemies, the same enemies they have lots of experience dealing with. For these Soviet immigrants, the difference between life here and life there is that they can vote to fight back – they do, and they will in November.

The really fun part of this is that gullible Democrats will “help” the Democrat-registered Soviet immigrants to vote by sending cars to take them to the polls where they will promptly vote Republican!

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3 comments to How Soviet Immigrants Made Fools Out Of Communist Democrats

  • samnjoeysgrama

    I know a doctor who escaped room Romania with his ten year old son. His wife, also a doctor, remained under house arrest for 4 more years before she could get out. They had to leave every family member, every thing they owned, every friend behind. He had to go to medical school all over again here. He delivered pizza to support his family while in school. I know a builder from Poland with the same story. If you want to hear what Socialism and Communism are really like, talk to someone who escaped it. They all are totally anti-Obama.

  • john

    …this is obam's dream……to be worshiped and adored, from sea to shinning sea!!! i also want to see hanging, on a pole, tree, porch, etc!!! traitors reward!!!

    • Constance

      John, we need more immigrants from Communists countries. I am democrat, too. I receive information from both parties so I can keep up what they are both spouting.