How Far Will Obama Go To Get Re-Elected?

obama speech 7 SC How Far Will Obama Go To Get Re Elected?

What does he know?

How can he think he’ll be re-elected running against the continually expressed views and will of the American people? Not just running against the white, non-Muslim people as he has been doing, but now running against blacksHispanics, and even Muslims!

What about his support for wealth redistribution, which Americans reject; his support for union thugs overriding the most basic of American rights and values, the secret ballot,; his support for keeping American companies from putting Americans to work unless they allow his union thug handlers to extort forced payments to the corrupt unions ; his support for stripping the Catholic Church, and, in effect, any religious organization from conforming to the rules of their religion(s); his plea for patience from the Russians, until after he is re-elected, for him to gut our missile defense; his blatant attacks on other supposedly co-equal branches of our government, in his quest to destroy a Constitution he despises,; and his forcing of Obamacare on an unwilling American populace?

I can, and will, go on.

These are just some of the issues on which Obama diametrically opposes the American voter. What is his plan? What will help him overcome the obvious obstacles between him and freedom loving patriotic Americans?

His campaign promise to cause energy rates to “necessarily skyrocket” has caused fuel prices to at least double, and his assault on the coal industry, which supplies most of our electricity, is completely out of line for someone looking out for American interests. His administration’s blatant lies and alterations to official documents led to an unwarranted moratorium on deep-water drilling in the Gulf . We can give Brazil billions to deep-water drill, but we Americans can’t drill for our own oil.

As if that wasn’t enough to make anyone wonder how this man can expect to be re-elected, we still haven’t touched the subject of his purposeful destruction of the American capitalist system. His redistribution of wealth to the green energy scammers, mostly his friends and campaign fundraisers like Solyndra, has led to failures and bankruptcies from most of the companies to which he gave money.

It seems to me that there are a preponderance of issues President Obama supports that freedom loving Americans want no part of.

What is his plan?

Is he hoping for enough civil unrest from his personal army (SEIU, the UAW, and his foot soldiers in the Occupy movement) for him to rely on martial law and suspended elections?

What are Americans to think when the Army “accidentally” releases information regarding the treatment of freedom loving Americans pursuing happiness under the auspices and moral and ethical boundaries of the Constitution, who wind up in the Presidents re-education camps for “political activists,” and how their voices will be silenced by gags as they (WE, because I’m damn sure I’ll be there, too) are forced to do hard labor for our beliefs?

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8 comments to How Far Will Obama Go To Get Re-Elected?

  • Elaine

    however, he has NO intentions of leaving the WH.

  • Elleryqueen

    He will do whastever it takes, no holds barred. Legal, illegal or any other means. He will even sacrifice his own family to get reelected if that is what it will take.

  • Please read! We give money to Brazil [40% borrowed] but we can't drill our own [not borrowed] wells here.

  • Pat Melton

    Obama is the puppet here; the people behind him tell him what to do and their intention is to destroy America. I believe we are already bankrupt and he is still in office!!!! People, we have a Hitler in office here, just waiting to put us in camps. Then when we protest, his brutal police force (courtesy of martial law) which he will unleash at just the right moment, hordes of people will disappear, probaby executed, especially ones who are too old or weak to work. It is history repeating itself. Expect all your property to be confiscated and your rights, if any are left, to disappear. Turn to God; he's the only one that can save us now. It will take a miracle.

  • Robert Berry

    WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?….The REAL problem is the Republican held House of Represenitives has the POWER to IMPEACH AND THEY WILL NOT? ….What possible excuse can be given for allowing Obama to openly DESTROY AMERICA?…Regardless wheather the Republican cowards do any thing or not, the American people can NOT stand by without taking action to STOP THIS MADNESS….soon….

    • Jim Doolittle

      You can't impeach one who holds an office illegally. When is SOMEone going to study it out, instead of just reacting to all the garbage.. . of 10-26-10

    • Jerome Borden

      The Republicans remember the previous Impeachment and the outcome in the Senate. This time around, the obstacle is steeper because Whorehouse Harriet could do anything from leaving it on the table to holding sham hearings that would amount to a publicly financed reelection campaign for the Pretender. So, Impeachment rates as #23 on a scale of 15 for the House. There is some good news.

      Take a look at the funding bills where it turns out the House is actually doing something. For example, H.R. 5326 is the Justice, Commerce, etc. Re-authorization Bill which is all about money. Section 219 prohibits spending to enable multiple gun sale reporting by vendors to the FBI. This makes that four state BATFE reporting regulation illegal as far as funding it goes. Section 532 prohibits spending on actions that would "prohibit importation of certain shotguns". This is aimed at the BATFE / Commerce effort to prohibit purchase of "non-sporting" shotguns. So, if you can't Impeach the so&so, you can cut his money pot off at the knees.



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