Video: Dozens Of Articles Now Confirming Obama Born In Kenya!

Obama literary agent claims Obama was Kenyan-born ~ dozens of others confirm the same! When will the media WAKE UP?

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4 comments to Video: Dozens Of Articles Now Confirming Obama Born In Kenya!

  • doneinamerica

    Heck all I needed to know was that barry's father was Kenyan to know he wasn't eligible for POTUS…my how the government education system (otherwise known as re-education camps and propaganda arm known as the msm…) has hit a home run with barry!!!

  • Dagny

    This is such BS, even the AP admitted that he was born in Kenya back when Obama first ran for Senator. But, now both parties will cover his ineligibility up because of Marco Rubio and, surprise, suprise … Mitt Romney. The last thing the GOP wants to do is to put Mitt Romney in a position where he will also have to present proof of his constitutional eligibility. Both parties are corroupt and are destroying our U.S. Constitution. That is why we will get innundated with proof of Obama's fake eligibility. A very sad day for our Republic when you realize that nothing is ever going to change, especially if either Mitt or Barrack get elected.

    • ItsJo

      I understand what your post is saying, but I believe that Mitt Romney's father, became an American citizen, and Mitt was born in the USA. It IS a different thing, as Obama Sr. was NOT a citizen-only a student on a visa, that could NOT
      be extended. With this information, and the fact that Sr. was a 'British Subject", is quite different, and I just cannot stand it, that the Wimpy Congress now has this latest information on Obama, and they have NOT acted to have him "impeached/removed from office, for the Fraud He IS".

      • Baroness W

        what you "believe" is not the issue.
        We have yet to determine if George Romney became a citizen before or after Mitt's birth- so far, the reason George R could not run for US Prez after being Gov was because he was not natural born.