Who Really Cares About Job Creation? Not Obama.

Obama Job Creation SC Who really cares about job creation? Not Obama.

Let’s understand something right off the bat, government DOES NOT create private sector jobs. Government can only set the conditions in the economy that encourage business expansion and job growth. President Obama presented a “jobs bill” last year that was voted down by both parties. It was really nothing more than a payback bill to his campaign contributors. Even though his bill saw BI-PARTISAN rejection, Obama tried to blame the Republicans exclusively for its failure. Obama wanted to finance “make work” projects like repairing road, bridges, and other infrastructure in this country to make it look like he was doing something positive. The only trouble is that our Treasury is BROKE, busted, out of cash, in debt, no pesos! Once we get this economy roaring again (and it will with the right leadership), the Treasury gets flush, and we reduce our national debt considerably, then let’s talk repairs and rebuilding.

On the other hand, let’s see how Obama has encouraged jobs in the private sector so far, shall we? Obama turned down 20K good paying jobs (that were backed by the unions) by stalling on the Keystone pipeline. It has been estimated that there are probably another 70k jobs from suppliers, sub-contractors, and so forth that have also been lost because of this decision. The BP oil spill gave Obama the excuse to shut down approximately 100,000 jobs, plus cost the gulf states close to a billion dollars in lost revenue. A federal judge then ruled that Obama’s “moratorium” on drilling in the gulf was illegal and slapped an injunction of Obama’s order (Obama and his administration IGNORED the judge.) The judge promptly slapped a contempt-of-court order on the Obamas administration. The story has vanished out of the debate, and we are actively seeking some answers as to what is happening. We will give you an update as soon as we have one.

Lastly, Obama’s war on fossil fuels is causing thousand of jobs to disappear and millions in revenue to vanish. Private sector coal companies are being forced to either close productive mines or go out of business altogether. A large solar project in the Mojave Desert was put on indefinitely hold because of environmentalist lawsuits. Last, but not least, Obamacare and the uncertainty of tax rates has put a freeze on businesses hiring practices. Businesses plan at least five years down the road, and with a President who doesn’t understand economics, not many people want to stick their financial neck out. Obama should listen to the country’s top business leaders, but he won’t. Obama is socialism personified and can’t change his thinking. The next four years need to be a time of strong leadership and rebuilding America at home and abroad. Obama is not the man to do it.

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