Communist Castro Says She Would Vote For Obama

Barack Obama speech 11 SC 300x199 Communist Castro says she would vote for Obama

The daughter of Cuban dictator Raul Castro has told an audience in San Francisco that she would vote for Barack Obama if she lived in this country.

The Obama administration granted Mariela Castro a special visa to attend a San Francisco meeting where she promoted homosexual rights.

“If we don’t change our patriarchal and homophobic culture … we cannot advance as a new society, and that’s what we want — the power of emancipation through socialism,” she said. “We will establish relationships on the basis of social justice and social equality …. It seems like a Utopia, but we can change it.”

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  • joseph r carreiro sr

    We had better keep our eyes on the Castro gal or she may figure a way to slip in a vote.Think.If dead people vote why can't she try it?