Democrats Label Arkansas’s Black Voters “Racists”

Arkansas SC Democrats label Arkansas’s Black voters Racists

Anonymous Democrats are whispering “racism” as the reason for Barack Obama’s embarrassing “victories” in the Arkansas and Kentucky primaries last Tuesday.

They started whispering this after a federal inmate got 41% against Obama in West Virginia’s primary two weeks ago.

Child-like Democrats don’t do well with the truth, so they habitually devise comforting lies when they are forced to confront “inconvenient truths.”

If these butt kickings weren’t the result of racism, they were the result of Obama wrecking our economy or cramming Obamacare down our throats or attacking the Catholic Church, but more likely endorsing gay “marriage.” Democrats can’t face those possibilities or the real message of these primaries, so they prefer to dismiss the results as racism from messengers.

The results from Arkansas and Kentucky were similar but arrived at from quite opposite directions. Arkansas has a Black population (15%) which matches the national percentage; Kentucky’s is about half of that.

While there is no county level data from Kentucky, detailed information on Arkansas’ primary is readily available for those interested in finding it.

Arkansas’s African Americans could have saved Obama from his embarrassing “win” in their state, but they chose not to.

Arkansas has 29 counties with African American populations over 19% – six with over 50%- and these “significantly black” counties did not turn out to support Barack Obama.

In ten counties with Black populations between 19% and 41%, Obama actually lost 38/62! They must all be racists by Democrat “whispering standards!”

The official results showed that statewide, Barack Obama beat John Wolfe, a man no one knew by just 58/42. Since Wolfe is white, the ever race-conscientious Democrats churned out the “racism” charge because to them, white Americans who are not with them are racists if they “need” them to be.

When the votes from the 29 “significant black” counties were tabulated, Obama’s edge over Wolfe actually SHRINKS to 54/46. In other words, African Americans in Arkansas supported Obama by four points less than the state as a whole. They must all be racists!

These truths from Arkansas represent the first test of how much Obama’s support of gay “marriage” has hurt him among his African American base. The numbers aren’t good for The One.

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3 comments to Democrats Label Arkansas’s Black Voters “Racists”

  • jimtibbs

    Now, I hope the black community, after almost, yes a hundred years they have supported these communists. There had to be a day when they would wake-up and see the democrats for what they really are, Communists. And I want to say again to all the black american citizens that the democratic party is not your friend, nor are they a friend of the united states of america. They will eat their young if necessary. Remember their infamous saying; "The end justifies the means."

  • upaces88

    Standing up against a "behavior" of ANY COLOR of a person's skin is NOT racism.
    Standing up FOR someone due to their BAD behavior due to the color of their skin IS Racism at its worst.

  • Are you in deep trouble if you call your former voters "Racist"? Unbelievable. This means you have lost their votes for good now.It was a terrible move.