Breaking: Is “Trayvon” Stopping Boehner From Moving In On Holder?

John Boehner 3 SC Breaking: Is Trayvon Stopping Boehner From Moving In On Holder?

According to Congressman Darrell Issa, there are some 80,000 pages of information now in the possession of the D.O.J. Inspector General as she continues to feign an official investigation into the Fast and Furious-related activities of her longtime friend, Eric Holder. But Issa’s House Government Affairs Committee has received only about 6,000 related pages from the DOJ, many redacted to the point of irrelevance, and some little more than reprints of articles published long ago by members of the mainstream media.

Issa has filed numerous subpoenas demanding that the Attorney General turn over those documents the Committee knows to have been withheld. But Holder has refused to produce them, telling the Committee quite bluntly that they will get nothing dated after February 4th of 2011. As result of the Attorney General’s arrogant refusal, Issa has threatened Holder with Contempt of Congress proceedings.

For some time, it has been suggested that House Speaker John Boehner and fellow Republican leaders have quietly “discouraged” the Contempt of Congress filing against the Attorney General from going forward. This suspicion was confirmed when CBS News reported the Republican leadership would “…slow [Issa’s] drive to hold the attorney general in contempt over the controversial Fast and Furious program …” for a period of “a month or even longer…”

Some believe that Republican reluctance to move ahead results from not having the necessary votes in the full House. Others are concerned that the contempt filing would be “off message.” Representative Dan Burton made it clear that the leadership wanted to focus on the economy rather than the criminal nature of the Attorney General. And no small number believe Speaker Boehner just doesn’t have the guts to bring a contempt charge in an election year.

But now we finally know the truth. According to Roll Call, “a GOP aide…warned against a racial backlash if Republicans are seen as unfairly targeting the first black attorney general, who is serving the first black president. ‘Especially after Trayvon,’ the aide said, referring to the slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.” Certainly, the aide didn’t just make up this story. He must be repeating what he has heard from GOP legislators.

And if that is indeed the case, it seems that Republicans are more concerned about the reaction of the national media and the nation’s blacks than with seeking justice for the hundreds who have died as a result of the Regime’s criminal assault on the 2nd Amendment. Gives one a nice warm feeling about the priorities of Republican congressional leaders and the respect they have for their Oath of Office, doesn’t it?

Should massive election fraud fail to pull it off for Barack Obama in November, the Fast and Furious investigation will be officially dropped after election day. And if the worst should happen, Republicans will be frightened to move the contempt charge forward lest it be portrayed as “sour grapes” for the Romney loss.

It seems that Republicans will never run short of excuses to ignore murder.

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15 comments to Breaking: Is “Trayvon” Stopping Boehner From Moving In On Holder?

  • walthe310

    Boehner and Issa have no case. It is a manufacturered scandal, an attempt to divert voters' attention from the real scandal, the GOP blocking any effective response to the Great Recession until after November.

    • Carl Fichtner

      Another Obama Kool aid drinker. The President has made no proposals to end the recession. They will make things worse. The Reepublicans have made scores of proposals that will, but the Democrat Senate hjs refusd to even consiider them. Holder is engaged in an Obvious cover up of wrongdoing by the ATFE and the DOJ,, and people have been murdered

    • Isek Hopkins

      What flavor kool aid did you have with lunch? The Republicans have attempted to correct the muslim's mistakes on numerous occasions, but since they only control 1/6 of the governmental levers, they are blocked at every turn by a vicious and do nothing Senate and White House.

    • SammysDad

      OMG, it's not Kool-Aid, it's ignorance and stupidity as well as a severe case of denial that walthe310 voted for Obama.

  • To directly disobey a supeona deserves a contempt of congress hearing and dismissal of our unlawfull atty general and staff. This is not a race issue but a law issue. To not follow the law is cause for dismissal.

  • Cerainly a lot of comment to create a race issue – muslim, kool aid drinker. All propaganda to divert the conversation away from the real issue.

    • Jeff

      Sorry Jim – All the issues are important. If you do not have the wherewithal to address more than one at a time, perhaps you should find a simpler interest.

    • Esek Hopkins

      For your info, kool aid drinkers were white fools. I believe in equal opportunity for all fools. And since the muslim is a muslim, at least according to Pastor Wright, I fail to see the logic in your statement. You, my son, must take off your race colored glasses and join the rest of the country.

  • Jeff

    If this actually the reason Boehner will not address this issue, it's high time he was replaced as Speaker. We simply do not have time to correct all of this administration's mistakes one at a time.

  • Jerome Borden

    Hence, the real reason our Imposter In Chief suggested that "if he had a son, he would probably look like him (Trayvon Martin). This is not the first time he played the race card. Remember the "Beer Summit"? If our Republican "leaders" are losing their nerve over this issue, they need to heed Maggie Thatcher's advice: "Don't go wobbly, George." Also, what does "February 4th, 2011" have to do with anything? I have a copy of Government Executive magazine that suggests this F&F thing was set up in 2009 in an attitude setting piece titled Guns & Drugs featured on the cover as Arms Race, Gov Exec, December 2009.

  • By definition Holder was an accessory to murder and should be charged & tried for his actions. I also have trouble
    believing Obama knew nothing about Fast and Furious because he is a control freak!!!

    • Bart

      It is high time Boehner and Congress start to do their jobs and guit dallying around. They know Holder and illegal alien-who ever he- is taking up space in the oval office do the evil devil work and are treasonist and if Congress isn't going to do their job we need to get rid of all of them .After all-what are they in there for???To rob all of our last penny!!!! If you don't do your job-"NO PAY" PUT IT IN MY LOUSY LITTLE S.S.CHECK YOU WANT TO RIP OFF ALL OF US!!!!

  • anthony lamarque

    this democratic regime of saul alinsky bill ayers bhobama george soros code pink pelosi reid waters ,landreau clyburn schueimer, durbin ,abc cbs nbc bill jefferson(going to jail for fraud) are lawless corrupt and can judge the tree by the fruit it bears–fraud corruption getting GOD out of your lives and replaceing with their god–government. boehner better get a backbone and do his job– this administration record favors our GODLESS enemies and not any AMERICAN values.

  • Bob McMahan

    A lot of folks in leadership positions are frightened of potential rioting by mobs of people of color. When George Zimmerman is acquited, we may see some big stuff. Stock up now.

  • Evelyn Rothschild

    Holder is one of the top cogs in the international drug ring known as the CIA. He works with these druglords all the time by allowing the money laundering to go unchecked. Issa is raising a stink so he and his ilk can get a piece of the action. They will pay Issa/ Boner and the rest to go away. Move along kids nothing yo see here.