The Road To Serfdom-An End To American Exceptionalism?

Statue of Liberty The Road to Serfdom An End to American Exceptionalism?
For those of us who are watching the decline of America, one thing stands out regarding society today. American values are quickly disappearing. Our once great, proud nation is being reduced to a “give me ” society. My parents as well as many other parents have instilled certain values in us as children, one of which was to always work hard for whatever you want out of life. Unfortunately, as our government continues to be mis-managed and over run by communists and chicago thugs, some are starting to believe that hard work is no longer worth it. As the government is doing everything in it’s power to force more regulation and taxes on potential employers, the result is more hardship and unemployment.

But wait a second here. Your government is here to take care of you with ninety-nine weeks of unemployment benefits which Nancy Pelosi says stimulates the economy. Although, eventually, they will expire. That is ok though because your government has more to offer you. How about some food stamps or maybe medicaid and the best part is, you don’t even have to be drug tested to receive these benefits(unless you live in Florida). But, if all else fails, you can always apply for social security disability benefits. All you have to do is lie through your teeth and tell the doctors that you are clinicly depressed or something.

My point is, we were a once proud nation where people were embarassed when they had to ask the government for help to survive. Now,as this government on one hand,takes away our ability to be individual achievers,the other hand is ready with the handouts. The problems here are that the recipients become slaves to the government,(as well as a guaranteed voter base) and, someone else has to pay for it. Socialism is a great concept,until you run out of other people’s money. We as Americans MUST hold on to our values and not become slaves to this government. Be an exceptional American,engage yourselves to help change this road we are on. Hold all of your politicians accountable. If they blow you off,vote them out. It is way past time to give America back to the people so we can once again become the greatest nation on earth,and a beacon for freedom and liberty. Stay safe, and be aware of your surroundings.

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