Whoever Promised Liberals A Rose Garden?

Rose garden SC Whoever Promised Liberals a Rose Garden?

I was watching “The Five” on Fox News, and Bob Beckel went on one of his usual rants about the economic playing field in America not being level. President Obama echoes the same thing as does every progressive in the country. It really isn’t a belief; it’s a mantra. It is an excuse to steal money from certain groups that include ALL taxpaying citizens of all classes and using it to buy votes to keep the politicians in power. Beckel got downright rude and crude about conservatives and Republicans not going along with the progressive game plan.

Here are a couple of facts, Mr Beckel. When you were born, there wasn’t a sign anywhere that said “life is fair”! Born in the United States of America, the only natural rights you have are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness….period. When you get old enough, you have to learn to feed yourself because that ls just the way it is, Bob. When you go to school, it is up to you to learn the lessons, or you don’t (or shouldn’t) advance. If you decide to advance your education, seeking more than an average job, then college becomes the ultimate test of your SELF motivation. Don’t go to class and just party hardy; pretty soon I bet the cash from home stops. Those are the consequences of the decisions that you make, Bob.

Let’s say you could do what thousands of people my age did when there were more manufacturing plants than you knew what to do with. Everybody was hiring in the early 70′s. I chose a General Motors plant near my hometown. I was given good pay, great benefits, and a decent vacation package. I worked in the department where they made and poured molten iron. Kind of like working in hell. Those who chose to go to work right out of high school were able to make a decent living doing those jobs, but you had to go to work to get paid, Bob.

My point in pointing out all these facts is this; we are all given different talents in this life. Such talents include mathematical aptitude, an ability to absorb and understand science, a love of history, mechanical mindset, or even domestic arts like sewing, cooking, or housecleaning, which could all be turned into businesses to earn a living. It could be a matter of upbringing, culture, genetics, surroundings, or a myriad of other things, We humans are all different yet the same, but again, I digress.

47% of the population in this country pay no federal income taxes. Should they be allowed the same standard of living without working that the 57% that DO pay Federal Income Taxes enjoy? Hard work, determination, persistence, and a goal are all that are needed to succeed in America. Our country offers you the opportunity to succeed, folks; it does NOT promise you the same results. Some people are lazy; some are intellectually challenged; some have no drive or ambition to succeed, but that, Mr Beckel is their right in this country. If you want to be a drug addict, a drunk, a prostitute, a gambler, a mercenary, a nun, or preacher, or anything else you may want to be, you can do so. If you don’t care about money, that’s ok too! (As long as you can hold your own lifestyle up by yourself.)

We are a compassionate nation, Mr. Beckel; Republicans, conservatives, God fearing people, our women, our kids, and every red-blooded American may not hold to your views or philosophy, Mr. Beckel. Entitlements, handouts, and welfare are NOT the ways to bring out the best of a person’s motivation. People need to want to be more than they are, or nothing else matters. Conservatives are NOT evil people; they just believe in personal responsibility. The nanny state does not appeal to them.

One last thing, Mr. Beckel, about President Obama’s class warfare strategy…..tell the President and the rest of your progressive friends to read the TENTH COMMANDMENT. It needs no translation, as it is pretty clear-cut. No, Mr. Beckel, President Obama, et al; life’s playing field is not level, but each person is given the ability to take it and make it a success for themselves with a little hard work and imagination, especially in America.

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