Breakdown Of Demographics Shows Obama In Trouble

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Barack Obama is not winning any voting bloc he lost in 2008, and he is not doing better with any bloc he did win four years ago.

Nevertheless, the “experts” keep telling us that this race is tied or that Obama is leading. The only way to explain these “expert’” pronouncements is that Obama has captured the coveted Power Ranger vote.  Hey, if dead people and illegal aliens can’t vote anymore, toy dummies must be filling in the gaps for the real ones! As to real people, here’s the truth of where they stand on Obama.


1) A recent Pew poll found Obama went from up 9 points to down 5 points with Catholics  since March. This translates to a shift of 18 million voters.


2) An April Pew poll found Evangelical Christians favor Mitt Romney 73/20, and white Catholics support him 57/37.


3) A Knowledge Networks poll conducted March 14-27 found Obama getting just 61% of Jewish support. No Democrat has ever won while getting 67% or less of the Jewish vote.

4) Young voters

In 2008, Obama won young voters 66/32. Today, the support for Obama among young voters has been measured at just  48/41, but more importantly, young voters  have little enthusiasm to vote. Today, at best, 56% said they would vote compared to 78% who said the same in spring of 2008.

5) Women

In 2008, Obama won the female vote 56/43. Monday’s Gallup poll found Obama ahead with women by 49/42.

6) Obama is losing men 50/42. In 2008, Obama lost men 49/48.

7) African Americans, Hispanics

In April, Gallup found Obama’s support among Blacks at 85% (down 5 points) and Hispanic support also down 5 points to 54%.

8) Veterans

In 2008, John McCain won the veteran vote 55/45. Monday’s Gallup poll found Obama losing 58/34.

9) White voters

Obama’s approval among white voters was 34% last month. It was 37% on Election Day 2010, a bloodbath for Democrats.

10) Union workers

Obama got 59% of the union household vote in 2008. That percentage actually went up in 2010 (61%), but it did them little good because the percentage of union voters fell 4% from 2008.  

11) Fraudulent/dead

In April, Reuters lamented, “ New state laws designed to fight voter fraud could reduce the number of Americans signing up to vote in this year’s presidential election by hundreds of thousands, a potential problem for President Barack Obama’s re-election bid.” Rock The Vote, a national voter registration project, has withdrawn from Florida because the Sunshine State’s anti-voter fraud laws are too tough to beat.

12) Big donors

Obama’s Big PACs are raising only a fraction of what Republican PACs are putting together for November.

13) Rank-and-file Democrats

The recent primaries in West Virginia (where a federal inmate got 40% of the vote against Obama), Arkansas (where an unknown Democrat got 42% against him), and Kentucky (where “uncommitted” got 40% against Obama) shows he has little support from rank-and-file Democrats.

So who are these “experts” interviewing?

Photo credit: Álvaro Felipe (Creative Commons)

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