A Major Blow For Liberalism

Planned Parenthood 2 SC A major blow for liberalism

We are winning. We are defeating the evil that is liberalism in large and small ways every day. What is happening to the Susan B. Komen for the Cure Foundation’s governing board is a good example of our victories.

Last January, when the Komen board was confronted with the fact that secretly produced videos proved Planned Parenthood  would knowingly arrange an abortion for a supposed underage prostitute, it did the right thing and stopped funding the death mills. They listened to their donors who demanded they stop giving their money to a group devoted to killing babies.

Nevertheless, within days, Komen caved in to liberal pressure and reversed itself on Planned Parenthood. Thereafter, the liberal lie machine kicked in with stories like the one in the Huffington Post about Komen having faced “massive social media backlash since announcing the decision, with angry people flocking to its message boards …..  to announce that they will no longer donate to the breast cancer charity.” There was more blah blah blah – nothing to see here folks, move along please- but now the cold hard truth has come knocking on Komen’s door.

The real backlash, the one that can’t be managed by the liberal Democrat cheerleaders in the media, has begun to emerge.

Tomorrow, Komen will be conducting one of its “run for the cure” footraces through the streets of Washington DC – the heart of liberalism- and the registration for the event is down an eye-popping  37.5 percent.

Sacramento, a city that hosted 25,000 Komen runners last year. saw just 18,000 (or 28%) show up this year. In Richmond, the number of runners fell 18% while Tucson had a 20% drop, and Atlanta’s total number of runners fell by about 10%.

Now Planned Parenthood has been caught in two new secretly produced videos showing that the baby-killing mills are willing to help “clients” abort their babies for the “crime” of being girls.

The media will try covering up the shortfall of donations to Komen, and if they do mention it, nothing will be said about its continued support for Planned Parenthood. The question is: will the Komen board fall for their lies or once again break ties with Planned Parenthood? Unfortunately, we know the answer to that question. They will probably stand pat and watch their revenue fall rather than be once again seen as “bad” liberals. Liberalism makes people do things like that. They’ll just scratch the fleas and keep denying the truth. “Finding a cure for cancer? Liberalism is more important to us!”, they’ll say.

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