Does This Make Cents, Mr. Obama?


Obamas Trillion Dollar Toybox Debt Increase SC Does this Make Cents, Mr. Obama?

Democrats have been echoing over and over again that the Republicans refuse to compromise, bringing the government to a standstill. The dire warnings are going out about a catastrophic tax hike if the Republicans refuse to compromise….yada,yada, yada! The debt ceiling drama of last year was supposed to carry the government through the election…so what happened? Republicans are supposed to compromise, but on what? The Senate Democrats have not presented a budget for over three years, and the two budgets that Obama submitted were both rejected in the Democrat-controlled Senate UNANIMOUSLY! So what is there in writing to debate and compromise over?

The need for a new debt ceiling approval means that SOMEBODY overspent a lot quicker than was anticipated; imagine that! Both parties agree, or at least the sane ones do, that we are broke! We have to borrow 40 cents of every dollar that we now spend from China? Are those people in Washington D.C. NUTS? Why would you borrow money from someone who is your enemy? If you want to drink their kool-aid and believe that China is not our enemy, then why is China pouring billions of dollars modernizing their military and building a blue water navy? They manipulate their currency to gain an advantage in trade with us and send us TOXIC products. I think there may still be a dozen or so stories still in some news archives somewhere that will back that statement up.

Obama and his followers think it’s alright to waste BILIIONS of taxpayer money on loser “green energy” companies and subsidizing industries that don’t need subsidies. The politicos in Washington keep making promises with their mouths that their butts and our treasury can’t cash. Government agencies like GSA and TSA are blatantly wasting our money…..Vegas, anyone? Warehouses full of brand new UNUSED equipment (TSA)? How many federal employees owe back taxes? Why don’t we collect those before going after the “rich”? After all, we must all pay our fair share!

Why do the members of Congress keep getting raises when they are already making about $175,000 a year plus benefits? Why don’t they take a cut in pay before we go after the rich? Why doesn’t the federal government stop using the Social Security Trust Fund as their piggy bank and learn how to spend ONLY what they take in? Gosh, what a novel idea! Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid thinks it okay for illegal aliens to rip off the American taxpayer ( to the tune of $4.2 BILLION) rather than simply hold a vote, which I’m sure would pass, especially in an election year, to close that tax loophole. Let’s make earmarks REALLY go away instead of this political double speak that Washington gives us.

My point is this. I am not rich, not even upper middle class, but I am so tired of hearing the Democrats keep repeating their stupid mantra, “tax the rich’! Most of the people in Congress seem to be a lot better off than the average American, and if you would look closely at any tax increases they do pass, I’m willing to bet that they exempt themselves from those same taxes. Obama keeps saying he wants a “balanced ” approach to fixing the deficit; in Washington doublespeak, it means that whatever you cut in spending, I want it replaced with new taxes. How do you reduce anything if you keep the level of spending the same or gradually keep raising it? Obama’s deficit for last year was $1.5 TRILLION! Money we do not have!

The Republicans keep offering very viable spending plans and budgets; yet Harry Reid won’t even allow them out on the Senate floor for discussion. Maybe it’s because if you were allowed to see and hear what the Democrats (PROGRESSIVES) are actually doing, you might change your mind about who to vote for. Let me put it to you this way: if you went to your bank and found out that the officers of that bank had gotten together to use your money to enrich the lives of their buddies and family, would you be upset? What if they told you that because they had shorted the bank that they were going to have to lower the interest on all your investments….would you be even more upset?

We don’t have a do-nothing Congress; we merely have an uncompromising President and a do-nothing, protect-his-party’s-agenda-at-all-costs Senate Leader. Taxing the rich isn’t going to solve anything. Obama wants everyone to pay their fair share? Then let’s get the 47% of the American taxpayers who pay NOTHING to pay at least a token amount of taxes for the services that they too use. Isn’t THAT fair, Mr. Obama?

Lastly, lets take a real good look at federal agencies and departments, programs, and services that have outlived their usefulness. Let’s really get a handle on government wasting taxpayer dollars. Obviously, if Congress allows illegals aliens to steal $4.2 BILLION a year from the American taxpayer, then obviously there are major problems to be solved BEFORE we demand that the rich pony up more money for Washington to throw away. The rich are giving their fair share, Mr. Obama, but you and your cohorts are SPENDING way more than your fair share. It needs to stop.

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