Video: Bill Clinton Ridicules Allen West

Slick Willie takes shots at both West and “skeptics” of Obama’s eligibility in under a minute.

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5 comments to Video: Bill Clinton Ridicules Allen West

  • frank

    Communist are now called democrats and RINO republicans. The democrat party was created here by American communists in 1924 under the direction of the mother communist party in the USSR, their party platform is almost word for word identical to Ch. 10 of the USSR Constitution, and identical to the CPUSA's progtram. Anyone who knows what communism is knows Clinton is lying.

  • Jeanette

    Clinton only has credibility with the 21% of Americans who are rabid liberals. They don't have a problem with him because they, too, are consummate liars.

  • upaces88

    Bill Clinton has NO right to put West down.
    Clinton has learned to lie very well.
    Comparing West to McCarthy?
    Man, he is way way making himself look like a total idiot. He does know better. Hillary won the fight to "run for President" and was asked (Saudi Paid?) to allow Obama to run in her place.