Video: Breaking: Obama Just Legalized 800,000 Illegals Today

Ready to vote, illegals? This is likely a new low for Obama’s hostility towards the Constitution.

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3 comments to Video: Breaking: Obama Just Legalized 800,000 Illegals Today

  • slackdog

    "Where's my gun?"

  • I can't believe it. But I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

    • no one special

      I am constantly amazed at how much the American people will tolerate
      from this illegal person, criminal and pervert. Why don't they rise up
      in anger and demand his removal? It does not compute.

      In other countries, the people revolt.. if peace marches don't work,
      then they become more …shall we say, 'vocal'?

      I know from reading other sites, that the citizens are angry and ready
      to roll, yet they are in a state of limbo, doing nothing but complaining.

      Until there is a revolt, and millions upon millions state in no uncertain
      terms that they want justice done, the impostor removed in handcuffs,
      and the whole lot of crooks thrown into a federal prison to await
      sentencing,…. until then…. Obama will continue his dictatorship.

      At some point in time, he will have his own little gestapo, SS officers
      in place, and that is when the internment camps come into play.

      He is revving up his agenda. When this happens.. it will be too late, baby.