Video: Sheriff Joe: Arrest Obama’s Illegals

I am thrilled to see Sheriff Joe responding to this illegal action within hours of it being news.

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2 comments to Video: Sheriff Joe: Arrest Obama’s Illegals

  • margaret

    Obama's newest autocratic statement and usurpation of Congressional power is yet another example of the future shocking statements and actions we can expect in the months before the election. It's quite obvious that Obama is trying to distract American voters from the _real_ urgent issue in this campaign: the economy and to help them to forget his many failures by presenting one sensational statement after the other. As the election nears, we can expect more "shocking" proclamations to divert our attention, but I think Obama underestimates the intelligence of American voters. Shock treatment won't work. And in this most recent shock strategy it's quite understandable the an illegal alien would act unilaterally in abrogating American law. Obama may have above average sympathy for aliens working in this country because of his personal experience with working as an illegal alien.

  • margaret

    But the lack of concern for American workers in replacing them with illegal foreigners is an affront to the tradition of rule by _law_ in this country. An illegal alien in the White House should not have the power to create a policy that is favorable to other illegal aliens over American citizens. But we won't forget: it's the economy! Obama's outrageous tyrannical approach in telling us over and over again "how it's gonna be" is offensive to every American who believes in democracy over despotic rule by a President.