Obama Cozying Up To Muslim Brotherhood?

Muslim Brotherhood gift SC Obama Cozying Up To Muslim Brotherhood?

Barack Obama is often compared to Jimmy Carter in regards to weakness on the world’s stage (Carter’s signature event of course being the Iran Hostage Crisis.) Obama has literally bowed to Arab leaders and abjectly went around the world apologizing for America, with his apology to Hamid Karzai for the accidental Koran burnings being the height of groveling. Not only was it unseemly in the light of U.S. troops being murdered by Afghan rioters, but it has led to the United States being perceived as weak as well as stoking Arab hatred.

In some ways, we are thankful for Obama’s weakness. In most cases, it has wreaked havoc. When Obama unilaterally demanded Israel return to its 1967 borders, creating an indefensible position, Netanyahu lectured Obama in front of the world. Obama looked on sheepishly as Netanyahu detailed why a return to the 1967 borders would be suicide for Israel. Days before, Obama had vaunted himself before Congress, shocking the world at his demands of the 1967 borders while Netanyahu was en route to the United States. Netanyahu’s scolding exemplified Obama’s weakness, but in this case conservatives cheered as it would have been like signing a death warrant for Israel.

When civil war erupted in Libya and Obama called for Gaddafi’s removal, instead of showing himself to be a strong leader and requesting of Congress approval to engage in a bombing campaign, he sought approval from the UN and even put U.S. forces under NATO rule, implying that the United States was subservient to world bodies.

When huge crowds in Egypt called for Mubarak’s head, Obama was the first to jump on the bandwagon for his removal, even though what it amounted to was mob rule. As many pointed out at the time when Obama stated that “the people have spoken” in regards to the huge crowds in Tahir Square, although the crowd may have been as high one million people, this consisted of 1% of the population. Therefore, it was ludicrous to consider this a public mandate.

Obama’s weakness in regard to throwing Mubarak under the bus, with Mubarak having been a friend to Israel and the United States for decades, has resulted in the Muslim Brotherhood winning the presidential election. The Muslim Brotherhood makes no secret of their desire to annihilate Israel, and Obama, along with the rest of the media, were tone deaf to conservatives’ siren song that Mubarak’s departure could precipitate a Muslim Brotherhood takeover. Muhammed Musri hasn’t even been sworn in, and the Muslim Brotherhood has already attacked Israel. What will happen once they take power?

But we find ourselves in an odd situation, in which the Egyptian military has dissolved parliament- in which the Muslim Brotherhood had won majorities-and are postponing naming Musri the winner of the presidential election. Let’s set aside the fact that the grassroots Arab Spring “revolution” was, like our Occupy movement, orchestrated by radicals. Putting aside the fact that we will probably find massive voter fraud, we have to ask ourselves an important question. Is a democratically elected body that literally wants to annihilate Israel and all those who support her preferable to what we had before (a dictatorship that is friendly to both the United States and Israel)? For all of those who are not part of the radical Left-who put ideology above everything else, including possible annihilation-a dictatorship is preferable, which is probably why Obama has kept his mouth shut after the Egyptian military has taken a high hand with the Muslim Brotherhood. If we could have seen what Hitler had planned, even as he was elected democratically, would we have preferred a dictatorship that didn’t want to annihilate every Jewish man, woman, and child on Earth? All but the insane and the radical Left would answer in the affirmative.

Obama’s weakness has gone beyond potentially placing Islamic radicals in power in Egypt. His weakness has reached our own shore, whereby he has gutted our military, made us financially dependent on China with $5T owed to a communist government, and refused to allow drilling for oil (which has made us more dependent on Arab and South American dictators for our energy supply.) We all remember Obama going around the country blathering about how the U.S. only had 2% of the world’s oil, when experts now say we are sitting on levels that could rival the total reserves of the entire Middle East.

Obama’s weakness is an anomaly, as Marxists tend to rule with an iron fist—Stalin being the one most call to mind when thinking of a Marxist dictator. Contrary to Obama’s denials from 2008 on, he was a member of the Marxist’s New Party, and we now know the exact date he joined. The New Party was run by individuals associated with everyone from the “moderate” Democratic Socialists of America, to Communist Party spinoff Committees of Correspondence.

Why then is Obama so weak on the world stage? Why, at the recent G20 Economic Summit in Mexico, did Russian president Vladimir Putin slap down Obama’s demands for Russia to back the U.S.’s call for Syrian President al-Assad to step down and Russia to stop arming and supporting Syria? Putin not only lectured Obama like a wayward school boy (where at one point Obama has a look on his face like a child that has had his ice cream taken away) but plans on conducting war games with Syria that will include Iran and China! Jimmy Carter’s weakness in regards to the Iran Hostage Crisis, compared to Obama creating a powder keg in the region, makes Carter look like a Mafia strongman.

The reason is that Obama is part of the “Democratic Socialists” variety of Marxists, which means people get to vote on what Marxists policies they want—that is, when the elites decide they can vote. This brand of Marxism gives the illusion of tolerance and democracy, when in fact it is not the tyranny of one, but the tyranny of an oligarchical body. Thus, we have Obama’s shadow government of unaccountable czars with unlimited power and Cabinet members that rule by regulatory fiat, exemplified by the Western European countries that are crumbling before our eyes. That is, rule by technocrats and bureaucrats combined with Marxists ideology leads to the slow demise of a country and abject weakness, most notably in the leader of the country.

We see Democratic Socialism in action with the HHS mandate that Catholic Church organizations should pay for condoms, sterilization, and abortifacients, where Congress got to vote on the source of this abomination—i.e., ObamaCare—but didn’t get to vote on the regulatory apparatus that was spawned from the 2400 page law. Nor, after the Catholic Church and public backlash, when Obama deemed that insurance companies should pick up the tab for “free” abortions, etc., to salve Catholics’ consciences, which was an equally repugnant assault on private enterprise.

The anomaly is that in regards to the American people, in regards to Congress, even in regards to the Supreme Court with Obama’s veiled threats associated with ObamaCare, Obama is ironfisted, unstoppable, and unaccountable. His Attorney General, Eric Holder, has repeatedly lied to Congress. Fast and Furious has sent hundreds of guns to Mexican drug cartels and is responsible for hundreds of dead Mexican citizens, and at least one American citizen. Yet Holder is still the chief law enforcement officer in the land because Obama continues to support him through an iron fist.

That is the anomaly.

That Obama is so weak on the world stage, but so strong to be able to stop his removal from his throne for everything from destroying our economy, usurping Congress, leaking national secrets, gutting our military, and even presenting false identity documents.

If the United States survives Obama’s destruction of this country, scholars will long study the anomaly known as Barack Hussein Obama and why America kept him in power so long.

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    Google the Logan ACT.
    Those in D.C. who have done nothing to get him out of office are complicit in everything he does against the U.S.


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