Arrogant Obama “Warns” Congress

obama speech 7 SC Arrogant Obama Warns Congress

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 (NDAA) is making its way through Congress, and if it is in any way different from last year’s unconstitutional onslaught against the American public, it is only for the worse.

Last year, Congress overwhelmingly passed and Barack Hussein Obama signed into law the most egregious assault on due process rights in the nation’s history. The NDAA of 2012 gave Obama unlimited authority to have members of the U.S. military detain any American citizen he suspected of posing a potential threat to the United States. According to the Act, such citizens face an indefinite period of imprisonment with no right of habeas corpus, no right to trial, no right to present proof of innocence, and no method of appeal.

In his signing statement, Obama made a point of offering false and cynical protestations against this indefinite detention language, claiming his administration “…[would] not authorize without trial the indefinite military detention of American citizens.” Of course, those concerns were no more than verbal crocodile tears as Senator Carl Levin later revealed it was Obama himself who demanded the detention powers be part of the Act.

In mid-May, Obama issued an 8 page Statement of Administration Policy expressing his views on the existing 2013 version of the NDAA. In it, Obama makes no mention whatever of the controversial “revocation of due process” section. In fact, the closest he comes to speaking of that particular threat to the American public is in a brief, final paragraph entitled “Constitutional Concerns.” And what are the President’s constitutional concerns? Why, Congressional “…encroachment on the President’s exclusive authorities related to international negotiations,” of course!

It seems Obama has decided that the only unacceptable, constitutional abuse of federal power contained in the Act involves an assault on HIS “exclusive authority.”  And Obama repeats this concern throughout the Statement, chiding Congress for its obvious lack of respect for what he apparently believes an unlimited power to make treaties or “retire, dismantle or eliminate” the nation’s nuclear and conventional arsenals, indeed for “…the Executive branch’s ability to carry out its military, national security and foreign relations activities…” More than once, the petulant President threatens a veto of the Act should Congress not come to its collective senses and allow him full exercise of the dictatorial authority that he apparently believes to have come with the job.

Obama undoubtedly considers such a display of arrogance quite safe, even in an election year as the majority of Republicans have shown themselves just as eager to pass this dictatorial authority on to the President in 2013 as they had been a year earlier. Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, GOP Congressman Buck McKeon, has even written a new provision into the Act, claiming American citizens would have full availability of a writ of habeas corpus “…in a court ordained or established by or under Article III of the Constitution for any person who is detained in the United States pursuant to the Authorization for the Use of Military Force.”

Unfortunately, just like the fraudulent assurances that were made part of the 2012 Act, McKeon’s language “…does nothing to prevent the indefinite detention of American under the 2013 NDAA” itself! Nor does it include any guarantee of habeas corpus rights before military courts or tribunals, the actual venue for federal actions against Obama’s detainees! In short, McKeon’s cynical efforts simply provide meaningless cover for Barack Obama’s future abuses of power, nothing more.

Should he be re-elected, Barack Obama will have the power to kill off political enemies via the Patient Protection Act and imprison those who happen to survive! November is shaping up as the most important month in the past 200 years!

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16 comments to Arrogant Obama “Warns” Congress

  • Platoon Sergent Chee

    Only a tyrant seeks such
    evil power over WE THE
    PEOPLE. It is Obama's
    paranoia that makes him
    a threat to America.

    • Bart

      I like your thought 100%.Tyrant-for sure-terrorist.Commie?Marxist,Islamic terror and HATES AMERICA BUT RIPS THE MONEY FROM US WITH OUT ANY PROBLEM. SEE HOW MICHELLlE IS RIPPING we the people .No one in Washington has Balls to get rid of this Communist in Sheeps clothing.All his cronies are commies and Marxist-destroying our GREAT COUNTRY.

    • no one special

      not only is he paranoiac but narcisstic.

      what a combination.

      I would not be surprised if he also has an AIDS
      disease… in the olden days, syphillis was
      a reason for madness in many of the tyrants.

  • Jeanette

    Thank you, all Americans who voted for this monster, many of whom refuse to hear anything negative about him. I hope your children are the first that he gives to the Muslims when he hands the country over to them, with a deep bow to the King of Arabia.

    • no one special

      If we ALLLLLLL stand up and refuse to pay this tax,

      assuming that it actually isn't shot down by some official,

      then they cannot imprison us.. can they confiscate our

      homes, our bank accounts? What is we don't own a home

      and what if our bank account is at 10 dollars?

      What if we cash in our retirement accounts?

      What if 300 million of us, minus the fools that think
      he is god, all rebel?

      What if we don't use guns.. we use stubborness?

      I would love to see that happen.. humpty dumpty sat on a wall
      humpty dumpty had a great fall.

      • smoky

        a good place to start is for every working, tax paying american to change their withholding to have nothing taken out of their paycheck and pay their taxes on april 15.

        • no one special

          sounds like a good plan, and I have to look into this.
          we always declare 2 people.. are you sure this will work?
          I hate the IRS.

      • jonodough

        that appears to be the only way for the american people to demand that govt follows OUR wishes. i will not comply and will do anything i can to prevent the govt from taking my money.

  • Elaine

    THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO. It is short. This man is fed up and he will make you very proud that at least ONE man stood up for us. I also want you to check out the others around him and the looks of boredom on their faces. Are any of these politicians from your state?

    Video: Illinois Man Stands up! “Let My People Go!” Criticizing House for Giving Obama all of the Power
    Illinois Man Stands up! “Let My People Go!” Criticizing House for Giving Obama all of the Power

  • Michael Oberndorf, RPA

    Excellent article. We, the People, are in trouble. All of the Democrats and most of the Republicans need to be de-elected, and unless we expend much more than past ordinary efforts, America as a free, capitalist nation is doomed. The ship of state is foundering. As we take to the lifeboats, I suggest we definitely pray to God, but also row with all our might for shore!


  • upaces88

    Illinois rep EXPLODES on the House floor!

    "You cannot give all this power to ONE man!"

    Very short video…it will let you know exactly what is going on. The man speaking is standing up for ALL of us…however, look a the faces of those around him.

  • john

    …once a traitor….will always want to be a traitor!!

  • thEarl

    reply to Simonson: the states are not broke. See Walter Burien' CAFR on how much money states really have.

  • Ex-Army

    The nerve of this uppity man!! Who does he thing he is?? Dick Cheney??

  • Ex-Army

    What nerve this President has!! How uppity can he get?! Who does he think he is? Dick Cheney???