Training Ground For Eric Holder’s Fast And Furious Cover-up, Part 4

Eric Holder 11 SC Training Ground for Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious Cover up, Part 4

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In order to ask why Eric Holder is such a master of cover-ups in regards to Fast and Furious, we need only look at the 1995 torture-murder case of Kenneth Michael Trentadue. In Fast and Furious, there are thousands of hidden emails and memos, intimidation of whistleblowers, gag orders, and ties to unsavory figures, not to mention the murder of hundreds including Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Holder got his “on-the-job training” in the art of the cover-up with the Trentadue case while Deputy Attorney General and then Acting Attorney General under Bill Clinton. Per Holder, it wasn’t wrong to cover up the death of an American citizen. Per Holder, it wasn’t wrong that the Trentadue family has suffered every day since that fateful morning on August 21, 1995. Per Holder, it was wrong because the Government got caught with their pants down. It was wrong because Holder made the mistake of putting things in writing. “Never again”, he more than likely said to himself.

In a way, Fast and Furious is an almost expanded version of the Trentadue case, whereby an American citizen was murdered; whereby his Mexican citizen wife, Carmen Aguilar Trentadue, and their then-two-month-old son have suffered all these years. Today, the Brian Terry family suffers, and the families of hundreds of Mexican citizens who are dead from Fast and Furious weapons also suffer. Eric Holder is not sad for these; neither is he sad that Brian Terry is dead. He is sad because he got caught.

As Jessie Trentadue, Kenny’s brother, continued to fight to bring his brother’s murderers to justice, a new leader came on the scene in 2008. He called for a “fundamental transformation” of our government. Would that mean justice for the Trentadue family? When it was announced that Obama would appoint Eric Holder as his Attorney General, Jessie Trentadue was in shock. This was the man who had probably, more than any other person, helped to cover up the murder of his brother, and unbelievably, he was being nominated to the highest law enforcement position in the country.

Impossible. But it was true.

Jessie Trentadue quickly wrote a letter to Senator Patrick Leahy, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee leading the confirmation hearings, informing him of Holder’s perfidiousness. Unfortunately for the United States, and unfortunately for the Brian Terry family and the hundreds of families grieving in Mexico today, this letter was ignored. Holder went on to bring about the most unjust Department of Justice that has ever existed in the United States, or probably will ever exist, from dismissing the New Black Panther voter intimidation case to Fast and Furious.

But let us get back to this letter that, if it would have been read by Congress, would have saved the United States from the scourge of Eric Holder, the man of whom we can say, “He lied. People died.”

In the 2008 letter, Holder is described as the “point man,” in charge of keeping the Trentadue case from the public eye, media, courts, and out of congressional purview. In a deceitful move, Holder called for a gag order on the grand jury convened in 1997 to investigate the Trentadue case, supposedly so that the grand jury could come to a reasonable, unbiased outcome. But the true purpose was to keep the story out of the news until the “Trentadue Mission,” as Team Holder called it, could come out with a “roll out plan” to stave off public outrage, media questions, and congressional inquiry. Team Holder likened this “Trentadue Mission” to an invasion. In the emails that Jessie Trentadue refers to in the letter, Juliette Kayyem of the DOJ says, “This is like coordinating the invasion of Normandy. We are on for Monday; the declination memo is done. Is This Ok with Eric’s [Holder’s] schedule (I can call whoever does that.) I talked to Faith and she is going to think about the best way to approach Hatch and possibly Dorgan, and I will get back to you. Also, we will be contacting the FBI and Jesse Trentadue at the same time (about 2 Hours before the press release).”

Likening the act of suppressing the Trentadue case to the invasion of Normandy probably wasn’t the best metaphor. Perhaps Hitler’s invasion of Poland would have been a better figure of speech. Further, as if covering up the murder of Trentadue wasn’t bad enough, they made a mockery of the family name by a series of do’s and don’ts as “Trentadue-does and Trentadon’ts” in their roll-out plan.

The grand jury completed their investigation on August 1, 1997, but Team Holder didn’t inform the court to lift the gag order until October 21, 1997. Then on August 18, 1998, after the obfuscation of the Government within the grand jury failed to bring justice, the Trentadue family brought a wrongful death lawsuit, again fought against by Team Holder, and was told by U.S. District Judge Tim Leonard that there was again another gag order, requested by Team Holder. Team Holder was good at keeping the case out of the eyes of the public. But now they had to keep it out of the purview of congressional inquiry.

Senator Orrin Hatch was contacted by Holder personally, which unfortunately for Holder didn’t go too well as Senator Hatch gave an interview to Fox News the next day, calling for a congressional inquiry. This congressional inquiry never happened, however, primarily because of “Plan B” by Team Holder, whereby an FBI delegation led by agent Thomas Kuker from the Oklahoma office approached Oklahoma Senator Don Nickles to suppress the congressional inquiry. There were two meetings. One occurred on December 4, 1997 and the other on January 23, 1998, whereby Nickles promised to keep the investigation out of Congress. He kept his word as there has not been a congressional inquiry to this day.

Add to this the fact that no one has ever paid for the murder of Kenneth Michael Trentadue. No one has ever paid for the massive cover-up, the destruction of evidence, perjury, subornation of perjury, and God knows what else.

Team Holder likened the “Trentadue Mission” to storming the  shores of Normandy. The purpose of the invasion of Normandy was to vanquish an evil dictator who wanted to slaughter everyone and everything in his path. Team Holder got it wrong. They were on the shores of Normandy. They were the enemy. Not the other way around. Eric Holder should be impeached, removed from office, indicted, and imprisoned for a very long time. Those who perpetrated and covered up the murder of Kenneth Michael Trentadue likewise should have been put away for a very long time. As for Fast and Furious: ditto. Those who put the guns into the hands of the Mexican cartel members—ATF, DOJ, Eric Holder—to murder hundreds of Mexican citizens, as well as Brian Terr, should also be imprisoned for a very long time.

In the last paragraph of Jessie Trentadue’s letter to Congress, the following statement is found:

No one could be less suitable to uphold the principles of justice in America than Eric Holder.”

Let this refrain be repeated by the American people until that scourge and Barack Hussein Obama, the man who foisted this scourge on our great country, are removed from office forever.

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