Guns Don’t Kill People; People Kill People

Guns SC Guns dont kill people; people kill people
There is a great deal of fear that the Federal Government under Obama and Holder will attempt to restrict the benefits of the Second Amendment by trying to control the sale and ownership of guns.  The Feds have been battling to control the drug trade for many years and have spent billions of dollars in trying to do so. And as we all know, they have had little if any impact on reducing the insatiable demand that the American people have for illegal drugs. The highest consumption of illegal drugs also center around poor inner cities; they are also the areas that have the highest unemployment and lowest income.
Below, I list the nine most dangerous cities in the United States (in 2011.)  The * indicates cities that do not allow residents to carry concealed weapons and are therefore unable to protect themselves and their families.  That being the case, one might wonder how is it possible for so many gun-related murders to occur in cities that prohibit residents from being able to carry and protect themselves from criminals. The Federal Government needs to reflect back on the words once spoken by Clint Eastwood when he said that “A man has got to know his limitations.” In other words, the Government has also got to know its limitations and realize that the bad guys carry guns and rob, rape, and murder honest citizens who cannot protect themselves from criminals.
There is also a direct correlation with murder and unemployment since only Little Rock, AK was the only city below the current unemployment rate of 8.2%, coming in with 7.2%.  As clearly indicated, four states are Blue, two are Purple and three are Red. Poverty is without a doubt a significant driving force that dramatically increases the crime rate of cities such as Flint, Michigan and Detroit.
Here, we have each city’s name, followed by the total population, followed by the number of crimes per 1,000 residents, followed by the number of murders for the year, then the residential median income, the unemployment rate,  and finally, their political following (be it Blue, Purple, or Red State.)
Flint Michigan * 23.4   102,357    52    $22,672.00    18.9%    Blue……..
Detroit Michigan  *   21.4     713,239     344     $25,787.00    19.9%     Blue……..
St. Louis MO   18.6     320,454     113     $32,688.00      11.7%       Purple
Oakland CA   *     16.8       395,317      14     $49,190.00     15,6%      Blue ………
Memphis Tenn      15.8       652,725  117      $37,045.00      11.1%      Red ………
Little Rock AK      14.9        194,988  37       $44,415.00        7.2%      Purple
Birmingham AL   *   14.8      213,258    54    $30,212.00      10.9%      Red……..
Atlanta GA     14.3     425,533     88      $32,087.00     12.1% ………      Red
Stockton, CA  * 1 4.1    295,606   58      $45,606.00      20.2%     Blue
Colorado allows their residents to carry; they even have a law that mandates that if a public building elects to prohibit residents from entering their public buildings with a weapon, they are then required to provide a guard along with a metal detector to protect those who enter unarmed. I imagine that Century 16 movie theaters (where the unfortunate Aurora shooting incident occurred) might find themselves dealing with a great number of lawsuits since there was no guard, nor was there a metal detector; however, there was a sign that prohibited weapons from being brought into the theater.
A few questions need to be asked. What if there was no such restriction? Might the shooter not have been as brazen, thinking that there very well might be many armed citizens in the theater? Might that have been a sufficient deterrent? We will never know the answer to these questions; however, what we do know is that in states that allow their residents to carry concealed weapons, the overall crime rate tends to be significantly lower than states that prohibit their citizens from carrying concealed weapons.
Guns do not kill people; people kill people.
The irony is that all of these lawmakers who want to take away our gun rights have 24/7 armed protection; once again, it comes down to “do as I say, not as I do.”

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