Officer Penalized For Opposing Pro-Muslim Training

080505Mosque 1024x768 Officer penalized for opposing pro Muslim training

A Tulsa, Okla., police captain is taking legal action against his department, claiming a mandatory cultural sensitivity assignment at a local mosque violated his religious convictions.

Reports indicate the practicing Christian refused to attend the event, which included a 45-minute Islamic prayer service, because of his beliefs. This led the department to retaliate against him by transferring him within the agency and to the graveyard shift, docking his pay for two weeks and disqualifying him for any promotions for a year or more.

Accused of insubordination, the captain explained his actions in a deposition, saying he could not attend because his faith teaches him to share the message of Jesus with unbelievers – something he cannot do while wearing his uniform.

In an attempt to recoup his losses, the officer hired a lawyer who explained the crux of the case.

“He was going to be in a place where people were going to refer to Jesus Christ as merely a prophet and not his Lord and Savior,” the lawyer stated. “And he wouldn’t be able to respond to them in any way.”

The department’s deputy chief initially announced attendance at the event would be voluntary, though he subsequently sent out a memo making the assignment mandatory for at least some of the agency’s officers. The captain was among those required to attend along with a number of his subordinates.

This reporteldy led the captain to inform the deputy chief that he would not be attending and, furthermore, he would not force his men to do so against their will. A recorded conversation between the two officers indicated the captain asked those under him if any would voluntarily go and all declined.

A short time later, the department issued another revision, giving officers with a medical excuse a pass but still requiring attendance from those objecting for religious reasons.

I completely understand that law enforcement exists to serve the community across racial, ethnic, sexual and religious lines, but the captain has made his position very clear; he does not discriminate when it comes to protecting citizens, which is what he was hired to do.

“When I come to work, I don’t presume to know someone’s religion,” he stated in his deposition. “It doesn’t enter into the question when I’m providing a police call for service.”

Furthermore, he said he would have absolutely no objection to entering a mosque in relation to a police matter, though he said there is a clear distintion between that and what he was ordered to do.

“I’m being compelled to attend an event that’s … an open invitation to discuss their religion,” his deposition continued, “and yet I can’t express my faith to them.”

He summed up the situation very succinctly, in my opinion.

The left is always preaching tolerance of the religion responsible for 2,977 innocent victims on 9/11 and countless other deadly attacks both before and since. They say we must understand their faith, which their flawed logic suggests will lead to harmony among all faiths.

Should a Christian or Jew request similar understanding and a forum to express their religious perspective, those same leftists claim faith is a private matter. Very inclusive, indeed.


B. Christopher Agee founded The Informed Conservative in 2011. Follow him on Twitter @bcagee.

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2 comments to Officer Penalized For Opposing Pro-Muslim Training

  • Trish

    This is political correctness out of control. How ridiculous! Are officers required to attend a service at a local Roman Catholic Church or at a local Baptist Church or a local Jewish Temple? No? Well, then, I say "screw you and the goat you rode up on!" I wouldn't step foot in a mosque. Don't you get it? These people hate us. They want to kill us all! Wake up!

    • Constance

      You are right. They are trying to seduce us into converting to their religion. But, if you try to do the same thing, you are in real trouble. We have so many who don't understand that they want to take over our country and then the world. I would NEVER enter a mosque because I know they intend to kill me at a later date.