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Demagogue is not a word that was used to describe Barack Obama in the campaign of 2008. Hope and Change were the mantra of his campaign, and voters who flocked to his side were eager to take up the call. But the Obama of 2012 is a different person, even more cynical, more narcissistic, and without a doubt more desperate for the Oval Office than ever before in his life. So much more desperate in fact that he has adopted a scorched earth policy.

In his first run for the White House, Obama claimed a link to the black community that he did not share, a link that could only come from a shared history and an equal struggle. Obama’s critics during his 2008 campaign, Al Sharpton chief among them, pointed out that Obama was not an ‘authentic’ black and not representative of the true black experience born out of the struggle to find a place in a post-slavery America. While many people have tried to equivocate and color the formative years of Mr. Obama, it does not negate the underlying question: Did he live a life that in any way compares to the life of an urban youth in the black community during the same period in his life?

The answer is no.

In 2008, voters heard about some of Obama’s youth: his life in Indonesia; his basketball efforts at Punahou School in Honolulu, HI.; and his penchant for eating at a local favorite spot, Rainbow Drive-In. What many did not know is that tuition at Punahou during Obama’s attendance there was more than $5,000.00 per year, hardly urban. In addition, he lived in Manoa Valley, a decidedly non-urban community; and while he may very well have been battling an inner turmoil, trying to develop his ‘black’ side, it makes no difference to the truth of his upbringing. Many people struggle with who they are or where they fit in even when they grow up with everyone around them being the same in skin, history, lifestyle, and convictions. There is nothing unique or edifying about Obama’s particular struggle; he learned what he did and used that insight to move him through life in search of his place in the world. It has taken him to the pinnacle of world power, and he took with him the hopes of community well-versed in turmoil.

The problem is, he does not share the same hopes as that community does…not entirely. The danger that lives in the black community is a militant anger that will not be sated. While not universal within the community, this anger is what links Obama to the black community- not because Obama shares this anger necessarily, but because he uses it to further his purpose.
Obama echoes the words of hope in the black community, but his actions feed the anger that festers within. He claims a kinship that he could not abandon all while using the anger to foment a racial divisiveness that will be unequaled in the history of America. He uses the successful efforts of others and claims them as his own. He calls for cooperation while he usurps authority not granted him by the decorum of his office. Obama called himself a unifier; yet America now finds itself more divided by race, means, and thought than ever before, a divide that will tear the country to shreds if not checked. His current campaign is rife with clichés, pandering, and dissembling. He foments anger at every opportunity by playing to the fears of his supporters with lies and half-truths, misrepresenting his record and those that do not share his vision. He claims success when failure is all the eye can see. He can do this because his only true success in his first term has been to enslave millions more to the teat of mother big government, making them dependant on the government he is running into bankruptcy.

Yet what of the community he embraced as his own (distantly I will say, a community that in some ways had no choice but to accede to Obama’s desires)? What happens to that community as true brother is turned against brother, father against son, and mother against daughter? How can any unification, in truth, be had by dividing people with rhetoric and dissembling? What ideal is served by claims that every discussion or criticism of Obama is guided by racism, a hatred of his skin? There is only one end to such designs, only one conclusion when the maestro at the podium brings his choir to the crescendo of his symphony: chaos, civil distress, and (ultimately) war. Not of a sort, but a real war in the streets. In recent days, the New Black Panther Party has made very disturbing comments regarding the upcoming election and what they see as their purpose in this country. The NBPP is fully supportive of the Obama reelection push, and their statements are designed to strike fear and confusion in the hearts of Obama’s opponents. Fear that will demoralize those who would end the capricious reign of a man bent on self-gratification and personal pleasure. They believe violence will force votes to Obama in order to end the threat, a threat I personally believe will be carried out regardless of how the vote turns out.

The threats are born of the anger that crawls under the skin of a cadre of people loyal to the idea that revenge is the only solace for a tortured soul. Revenge for past wrongs, present indifference, and a future made unclear by the very anger that is fueling the drive to attain that revenge. When anger such as this is given voice and purpose, it is almost impossible to contain it. There is no way to put the genie back in the bottle or close the lid on Pandora’s Box. What will follow such action? What will become of the black community should civil war of a racial nature become a reality?

It is my opinion that Obama is without consideration of what the black community will suffer if the NBPP carries out their promise of death and destruction of “Whitey” and the slaughter of new born “pink people” in an effort to eradicate this nation of whites. Such an act would be a full declaration of war unlike any seen in this lifetime, and the divisions that so far have been driven by rhetoric will become fixed and permanent with no possibility of redemption. The NBPP has been emboldened by a Justice Department that turned a blind eye on the intimidation and threats of violence perpetuated on voters in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008. They have been empowered by a media that drinks in ugly words and dismisses them as only words of frustration for centuries of slavery. And Obama sits smiling all the while, knowing that he has a group of unquestioning believers at his disposal…unwitting as well.

Obama has a thirst for power that cannot be satisfied, not even with a second term. He wanted to change America to suite his vision of the world, and he will not be satisfied until he has destroyed the very foundation that made this country the global power it once was. Violence is a means to an end in achieving that change. Obama will not have to lift a hand; those who believe he is their surrogate will act of their own accord, Obama will benefit, and America will suffer for it. The NBPP is only a part of the black community, but it is now the most visible part. Should this come to pass, it will be the black community that pays the highest price: they will never be forgiven.

That Obama is using the black community is no surprise. They are willing to serve him; they just do not know the price they will pay for doing so. The fact that he would do so without regard to the cost to the black community is unconscionable and a sad testament to the man who claimed to be the only person who could unify this country and the world.

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