Video: The Democratic Party’s Long History Of Racism

Vice President Joe Biden accused the GOP of wanting to put people in chains. Were his words taken out of context, or could this be another racist sentiment at the core of the Democratic party?

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6 comments to Video: The Democratic Party’s Long History Of Racism

  • doneinamerica

    The Black community has been to dumbed down by the US Department of Education to ever understand this video…what a shame…and most white liberals won't get it either!!!

    • Guest

      And what is the extent of YOUR education,. Jethro? I'm going to bet you never went to college. Am I right?

      • doneinamerica

        Thank you for equating/comparing me to 'Jethro'…You know the charactor 'Jethro Bodine' was a millionaire and the actor Max Baer is too!!!

        At least I know full well my IQ is higher than the slug that you are!!! (Which a slug probably has a higher IQ than you and offended by my comparison to you…sorry all actual slugs…)

    • Guest

      Sorry…can't hear you. Did you say you're a high school graduate? A dropout?

  • Francisco

    If a foreign power had designed an educational system like the one we have in this country, designed by the liberal academia to idiotize our children, and with our students ending in 17 place when compared to the academic achievements of their conterparts in other First World nations, we would probably have declared it an act of War.