Did Targeting The 1% By “Occupy Wall Street” Movement Lead To NY Shootings?

Occupy SC Did Targeting the 1% by Occupy Wall Street Movement Lead to NY Shootings?

Ever since the Oklahoma City bombings, liberals have been claiming that right-wing rhetoric leads some to aggressive and sometimes violent action against people. Talk radio and anti-homosexual and anti-abortion messages have been blamed for the shooting of Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords, abortion doctors, and bullying of homosexuals.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated a number of conservative organizations like the Family Research Council as “hate groups.” Did the “hate group” designation of the FRC inspire Floyd Lee Corkins to punish the conservative organization for its social and political views? The media have nearly ignored this anti-Christian shooting story. It doesn’t fit their liberal talking points.

In New York City, a man shot and killed a former colleague at the company where he was fired and wounded a number of bystanders. Was he following the directives of the Occupy Wall Street worldview that was endorsed by a number of big-name liberals? Was a shooting in New York City a way at attacking Mayor Michael Bloomberg for standing up for the banks and Wall Street? Here’s what Bloomberg said about the Occupy Movement:

“Everyone’s got a thing they want to protest, some of which is not realistic. And if you focus for example on driving the banks out of New York City, you know those are our jobs. . . . You can’t have it both ways: If you want jobs you have to assist companies and give them confidence to go and hire people.”

Read more at Godfather Politics. By Gary DeMar.

Photo credit: Michael Kappel (Creative Commons)

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