Video: Actor Compares Obama To Hugo Chavez

Actor Jon Voight says that Obama has taken over the media ‘in no less a way’ than Hugo Chavez has in Venezuela (these specific comments occur around the 4:30 mark). He also talks about his support for Mitt Romney for president.

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2 comments to Video: Actor Compares Obama To Hugo Chavez

  • Darin Southam

    I LOVE Jon Voight! FEARLESS!

    • Watching and waiting

      AND Clint Eastwood, according to the news, also riled up the liberals,

      and the media, by addressing an 'empty chair' which symbolized

      Obama and his lack of leadership; he addressed all of Obama's

      many failings, did not falter, and was mocked.. Go, Clint, Go!!

      At least two Hollywood celebrities have some brain cells that

      are not dead!!