Shariacrat Party

Sharia SC Shariacrat Party

Democrats are all about labels.

They label everything based on their own biases, likes, hates, and mood. Disagree with a liberal policy for sound, provable reasons, and you are labeled hateful, phobic, and racist. Decline support of Islam, and your intolerance is broadcast around the country. Never mind that you simply find Islam contrary to what you hold to be truth and morally right.

Vote against gay marriage, and the vicious verbal attack you will be subject to will almost be physically painful. Name-calling and finger-pointing are “THE” hallmark of liberal politics; it is the stock-in-trade of any aspiring Democrat and a resume must. This election cycle will be the shining example of how Democrats ply their trade of dissension, dissembling, and deceit.

The Democrat National Convention will be a love-fest for the vicious and envious, the needy and lazy, the entitlement-minded, and the haters of personal success. It will be conducted by leaders hellbent on keeping people from personal accountability and success, preferring to hold you on a train to nowhere fueled by theft, greed, and envy.

It will also feature something never before seen in American politics: Muslim Jumah.

With 20,000 Muslims expected to attend prayers and speeches by Imams of Islam, the Democrats will be trying to prove they are inclusive and tolerant. It is also a blatant grab for votes orchestrated by a party in a zombie state, desperate for a rebirth. They will be entreated to calls for the death of the American Republic as constituted under our constitution, the call for Sharia as the only fair and logical law to govern a new society based on the “religion of peace.”

But what does this do to the traditional Democrat? The “I vote democrat because my father and his father voted Democrat” voter? Where does he or she find themselves when confronted with a choice to vote for a party devoid of any moral compass, facts, and ideas, disparately grabbing at anything no matter how repugnant in order to garner enough votes to hold power? How does the Democrat who loves their country vote for people so hell-bent on power and control that they will embrace the most hateful belief system ever devised by man in order to win? What label will be plastered on those who disagree with the party on principle because the Democrat party has lost its way and is now being lead into darkness?

I hope they are paying attention; if Obama wins, November will be the last gasp of our dying republic, and we will never see it like it is now, again. Sad it is that we must rely on a group not given to individual thought and personal accountability, instead opting for group thought and conformity. We can only hope they will see the light.

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  • tiredofbums

    Don’t sell land to muslims. Don’t buy anything from muslims. Don’t let them shop in your stores. Don’t rent to muslims. Don’t listen to muslims. Walk away from these believers of the Koran. They hate us and will find a way to hamstring us. Tell them you don’t like their religion , their ways, their laws. Be firm. Say no to Islam. Say no to muslims. How many native born white people in this country have converted to Islam? Not any that I know of. Now how many black people have converted to Islam? I know of quite a few. They aren’t as peaceful as they would lead you to believe. What does this mean for us Christians here in America? We run most if not all of the business in this nation. Let islam go back to Islam. Let America alone, spawn of islam. We don’t want you here. Please don’t make a scene. Just leave peaceably and nobody will be hurt.