Woman Owes Life To Armed Good Samaritan

Gun SC Woman owes life to armed Good Samaritan

After any publicized gun crime, on cue, Second Amendment-hating leftists issue a call for stricter gun control. Of course, the idea that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will somehow reduce crime is patently ludicrous.

A passerby at a school in San Antonio proved the opposite, in fact, when he saved a woman’s life by merely brandishing a legal handgun.

Reports indicate a woman, shortly after dropping off her child at school, was attacked by the child’s father. Armed with a knife, the man stabbed her multiple times in the neck and upper body.

Nearby, another man, armed with his licensed concealed handgun, produced the weapon and ordered the attacker to drop his knife. This led to the subject’s surrender and subsequent arrest for aggravated assault.

The victim was listed in critical condition shortly after the incident, though she could have easily been killed had a man with a gun not been nearby and willing to intervene.

Just days before a divorce hearing, this man brutally attacked the mother of his child in broad daylight, outside of a school.

Despite his brazen disregard for the law and apparent willingness to commit murder, the threat of being shot caused this monster to reconsider his plan.

Studies show that an armed populace is an effective crime deterrent, which this incident proves. Additionally, it pokes a hole in the left’s theory that outlawing guns will prevent violent crime.

The exact opposite is true, it seems. In this same case, had the Good Samaritan been prohibited from carrying a gun, the only armed individual would have been the attacker. Unintimidated by a handgun, the estranged husband would be free to stab to his heart’s content.

I don’t expect to hear any somber cries from the left to outlaw knives in the wake of this attack, though, thus exposing yet another glaring liberal hypocrisy. Guns (along with knives, bombs, baseball bats, tire irons, and piano wire) aren’t inherently good or evil. The person holding them is the sole determinant of how they will be used; and if outlawed among the law-abiding public, it’s not hard to imagine the disastrous effect.

B. Christopher Agee founded The Informed Conservative in 2011. Follow him on Twitter @bcagee.

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