Obama’s “Canary In The Coal Mine” Is On His Last Legs

Obama Negotiating Strategy Israel SC Obama’s “Canary in the coal mine” is on his last legs

The Jewish vote in presidential politics has never been very big., only around two percent. Yet the significance of how Jews vote cannot be overstated. Since such data was first collected, no Democrat has ever won the presidency with less than 2/3 of the Jewish vote. In 2008, Barack Obama got 78% Jewish support, but as they say, that was then and this is now. Obama has done everything possible to insult and belittle Israel and those who love the Jewish State.

Obama’s stubborn insistence that Jerusalem is NOT the capital of Israel has turned a “little point” into a major attack on Israel’s sense of confidence in Obama and America.

His stated refusal to help Israel in the event of a necessary attack on Iran’s nuclear weapons factories has all but killed the once-friendly relationship between the Jewish state and America. Not surprisingly, Obama’s political blunders have begun to show in a survey of Jewish voters.

A new Investors Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor/TIPP Poll spells out the danger Barack Obama has brought upon himself in regard to the Jewish vote. It found that while Obama leads overall by a slim 46/44 over Republican Mitt Romney ( a dubious claim in itself), his support among Jewish voters has fallen to just 59%, a number reminiscent of the 53% the anti-Semitic Jimmy Carter got in his failed reelection campaign in 1980.

This sharp decline matches the decline in support among virtually every other group. In fact, it casts substantial doubt about the truthfulness of the barrage of “polls” we are seeing. At this point, there are no groups Obama lost in 2008 that he is winning today. There are no groups he lost that he is closing the gap on; and among the groups he won, he is not doing better with any of them – not women, blacks, Hispanics, young voters, or Jewish voters.

Nevertheless, viewing these numbers as merely due to Obama’s clumsy attack on Israel tells only part of the story. It is simply not plausible that every one of the nineteen points he has already lost is attributable to discontent over Obama’s treatment of Israel. That would be saying that America’s Jews are not engaged in the life of our country and live a detached insular existence. No one can make that claim.

The Jewish canary is dying in Obama’s coal mine.

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